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Get Engaged!
Join our board of Directors.
All the info you'll need to know in advance can be found below.

The Basics

  • Our board meets monthly.
  • We take a break for July and December.
  • On average, board meetings are 1-2 hours in length.
  • Board members will usually have 1-2 hours of additional responsibilities per month.
  • Members serving in the executive on average, put in an addition 3-4 hours a month outside of programming.
  • Board members are appointed for 2 year terms at the Annual general Meeting.

Greetings from our Past President

Thank you for your interest in board service! As a team, we are a diverse group of individuals who share a genuine commitment to helping our members and membership grow. In keeping with the Societies Act, we uphold the values of accountability, confidentiality, and fiduciary responsibility as we work together in a spirit of fellowship and support to help writers know they're not alone, to showcase their work and accomplishments, to hone their craft, and to publish. Join us!

Warm regards,

Jacqueline Carmichael

about the board

The board oversees the direction and objectives of the organization. It is updated regularly and provides guidance and support to staff and contractors who carry out day-to-day operations.

The primary function of the board is one of oversight and accountability. That being said, our organization encourages board members to be engaged and to pursue their passions in the organization. As such, board members have the option to run programming and pursue projects that are within the mandate of the organization.


  • Board members are expected to be involved in ways that generate feelings of connectedness and personal stake in the organization.
  • Board members can feel safe to bring forward their ideas and passions.
  • Board Members are expected to attend as many board meetings as possible.
  • Board Members are expected to be prepared for board meetings, having completed readings of material before board meetings and made any absences known in advance.
  • The Annual General Meeting and other large organization events are of paramount importance for attendance. All board members are expected to make every effort to attend these events.
  • Board members can serve in many ways and are asked to take on 2 or more of the following
      • Serve on at least 1 committee within leadership or supporting roles with the same care and attention expected in board meetings.
      • Represent the board and membership to outside agencies.
      • Encourage and support young emerging writers in British Columbia.
      • Run, support, or attend organization programming.

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