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Here we go! It The Federation of BC Writers is pleased to announce the Short List for our Literary Contests. 

We know the results took a lot longer than we had hoped and for that reason, we included our process with our last announcement.  To learn more, please go to our Long List announcement

Without further ado, the Federation of BC Writers is pleased to share the Long List

Congratulations everyone,

Bryan Mortensen

Executive Director

Federation of BC Writers

Title Author
A Certain Day with Furniture        Cliff Hatcher
Missed Connection John Geddes
Ma Chere Petite Rouge Christer Bonner
The Hummingbird Carolyne Montgomery       
Flip Your Lid Jennifer Rathwell
The People Next Door Zilla Jones
A Flash of Incubation Mike McArthur
The Demon Fufu Louise Dumayne
Sin Techo Kit Pepper
The Pool Light Estella Kuchta

Title Author
Cross Over Gail Madjzoub
Lowercase Sisters Barbara Black
One Man Tent Norma Kerby
Seven Years Ago Today Rayya Liebich
She Knew I Had It In Me Jana Danniels
The Jaeger Family Theatre        Barbara Black
The Jumper Clare Winstanley       
To Raise a Gun Claire Lawrence
Vocabulary Development J Bridgeman
We Do Not Lie Down Barbara Black

Title Author
Curtain Call Doris Corcese
From This Land Jaymie Campbell
Imagine Baba Shakar Ganj Meharoona Ghani
Parting Gifts Rayya Liebich
Shuswap Michael Lalonde
The Bottom of the Exhalation        Dhana Musil
The Bridge Jo-Ann Svensson
The Elements Doley Henderson
Wildfire Season Shirley Harshenin
With Apologies to Vanessa Natalie Wigg-Stevenson       

Title Author
Dirge Julie Mahfood
Fading Kerry Lou Richardson       
Late(ral) Move Diane Massam
Pandemic Memories: Lessons from the Silver Screen        Wendy Donawa
Shade Woman Wanda Taylor
Small Song for the Opioid Poisoned Susan Alexander
Sweetness of Smoked Salmon Norma Kerby
The Lover who Gives Too Much is Exploited Sandi Johnson
Tulips Bought from a Store Katherine Munro
Two End of Summer Meditations for my Love Linda Crosfield

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