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The next volume of WordWorks is devoted to beginnings. It goes to print January 2022. The deadline to submit a pitch, article, poem, or piece of fiction is October 25, 2021.

Whether it’s the first word of a poem, the first act of a novel, or the first contract as a freelance writer—among other firsts—we have all encountered the daunting task of beginning.

What knowledge have you gained from your own beginnings that you would impart to a new writer now? How do you begin to write a novel, memoir, article, or poem? What firsts have you encountered in writing and publishing, and what do you have to say about them?

For this issue, we welcome your ideas on beginnings and encourage you to range broadly within the theme. Although we are primarily interested in articles, we will consider a limited number of poems (up to 30 lines) or pieces of prose (up to 500 words) centered around the theme.

WordWorks Welcomes Diverse Storytellers

WordWorks strives to serve all BC and Yukon writers by publishing articles which reflect diverse experiences. We celebrate submissions from underrepresented communities and are actively seeking contributions from writers of all races, genders, sexualities, abilities, neurodiversities, religions, socioeconomic statuses, or immigration statuses. We encourage submissions from both published and emerging writers. We believe our strength as a community is in the breadth of our stories.

We prioritize submissions from FBCW members but welcome submissions from all BC and Yukon writers.

About WordWorks

We publish three full-colour issues per year. Each issue goes out to Federation of BC Writers members as well as to schools, libraries, businesses, and other organizations across BC and Yukon. We are always striving to increase our readership and the reach of our stories.

Simultaneous Submissions

We encourage simultaneous submissions. Please let us know as soon as possible if another journal accepts your work for publication.

Rates & Reprints

WordWorks pays $125 per page for original articles, paid upon publication. Articles range from 500 words for one page to 1,100 words for a two-page spread. We will consider longer features as well. These rates are subject to change in future issues.

Have you previously written an article or blog post that fits our theme? We pay $50 for selected reprints.


We pay $100 for cover art and $25 for other interior illustrations. To submit artwork on our theme, please query us via the email below.


Email Jessica Cole, Managing Editor (she/her) at wordworks@bcwriters.ca.


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