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Members Make It at the Fed. Our organization can only be as strong as members make it; and the stronger the Fed becomes, the more it can help BC writers achieve their creative and business objectives. Please consider taking on any of the volunteer opportunities listed on this page. More to come!


Area Representatives | Member Survey Person | Event Planners (All Regions)

Area Representatives (All Areas)

Commitment: Two hours per week average. Varies.

Posted: Feb 2, 2018

Status: Unfilled

Keep on top of all the literary action in BC, and make a valuable contribution to the Fed at the same time. The Area Representatives (Reps) are a valuable component of the Federation’s service to members. Reps are expected to send send the regional representative relevant news from their area for the newsletter, assist with events, and organize meet & greets that are located in their region. Skills & Aptitudes: Professional communication, both through phone and email; willing to help with guidance in various roles. Volunteer Benefits: Keep in touch with writers in your region; gain a sense of what writers would like to see, and be the voice to make those ideas happen.

Area Reps particularly needed in Cariboo, Southeast, Northern BC, and in Surrey.

Contact: fbcw.membership@gmail.com

Membership Survey Person

Commitment: Two hours per week

Reposted: Feb 2, 2018

Status: Unfilled

When members join or leave the Federation of BC Writers, it is important to contact them and find out why. Gathering this type of information can help us develop programs, services and approaches that better meet the needs of members and strengthen support for our organization. Skills & Aptitudes: Comfortable talking to people on the phone in a conversational, but purposeful manner. Ability to summarize responses concisely and accurately. Volunteer Benefits: Gain an insights and understanding of what motivates and excites fellow writers, and what discourages them.

Contact: fbcw.membership@gmail.com

Event Planners (All Regions)

Commitment: Intensive, 10 hours per week or more during run-up to an event

Reposted: Feb 2, 2018

Status: Unfilled in all regions

Working with Regional Directors and the Executive Director, event planners will head up and coordinate the organization, promotion and running Federation of BC Writers events. Each Fed region is allocated $500 basic funding annually, and ongoing FBCW support for event development, promotion and delivery. Decisions about the theme, format and content of regionally organized events are left largely up to organizers in each region; the Federation’s role is to support organizers of Board approved events – especially in the areas of promotion and fund-raising. Skills & Aptitudes: Experience with event organization a definite asset. Budgeting. Volunteer coordination. Ability to share a vision, and work with and motivate diverse groups of people around a common theme or goal. Willingness to plan and report event outcomes to the FBCW Board of Directors. Able to give direction politely and constructively within a democratic framework. Volunteer Benefits: This is an opportunity for people in each Fed region to realize their literary vision. Make broad and deep contacts within your region and at the provincial level.

Contact: fbcw.membership@gmail.com

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