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Privacy Policy

Last updated: Oct, 2021


The FBCW is committed to openness and transparency in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All personal member information is stored on a secure site and is never shared with other organizations.

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

Personal information may be collected from members and potential members through the membership process, at workshops, and other events, through administering contests, through writers' profiles on the FBCW website, through email and written communications with members, and incidentally.

All personal information collected including names, addresses, and contact information is stored on a secure site.

The FBCW membership list is confidential. It is never shared with other organizations except in cases where a known member perk requires the membership list in order to fulfil its obligation to the members (ie magazine distribution).

A member of the board or staff who uses the FBCW member list for anything other than official FBCW business may face immediate loss of membership, employment, and/or prosecution.

Giving consent for others

Data without identifying details may be used for the purpose of statistical evaluation of programs, services, needs, and future organizational planning.  This data may be shared with funders, partners, and stakeholders, and the public.

This data is generally presented as percentages and other statistical indicators.

Any specific comments from surveys etc, will be summarized instead of shared verbatim for any purposes that are not legally mandated, unless the writer has agreed to its release.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our data managing, our staff is more than happy to discuss the matter further.  User data may be updated by the end user through our Wild Apricot portal. Please contact us with any inquiries via

New Review

This Policy was recently updated and is under review for 2022 by the Board of Directors.

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