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Interior Authors Group

Where:                Chartwell Ridgepointe (Pineview), 1789 Primrose Court, Kamloops, BC, V1S 0B7. DRIVING DIRECTIONS: GO WEST (UPHILL) ON HUGH ALLEN. TURN LEFT ON COPPERHEAD, LEFT ON AVENS WAY, & LEFT ON PRIMROSE.

When:                    2nd Thursday of every month except July & August, 6:30                                    pm

Genres:                  All

Level:                     Beginner to advanced

Size:                        About 40 members

Contact:                 Elma Schemenauer, member at large

Email:                    elmams@shaw.ca

Phone:                   250 374-1750

Web                       http://interiorauthorsgroup.wordpress.com/


Our group provides a friendly environment for writers to read and discuss their work for feedback. We provide a place to learn & share information about writing, publishing, and self-publishing–often with guest speakers. We bring together people interested in the art of writing and all its ancillary functions, including design, illustration, editing, publishing, and marketing. . Our published books are: Collected Works (2010), Blue River Dark Waters (2011), Away from Home (2012), Kaleidoscope (2013), and Black & White (2015).

Salmon Arm

Shuswap Writers Group

When:                   Every first and third Wednesday of each month from
                               September to May, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Where:                  Boardroom at Piccadilly Mall Shopping Centre, Salmon Arm

Genre:                   All

Level:                     Beginners to Seniors

Size:                       We currently have 26 full time members and 6 drop in

Contact:                 Shirley DeKelver, president

Email:                     dekelver@cablelan.net

Web:                       www.shuswapwritersgroup.weebly.com

Description:          Many of our members are published writers, and many write because they enjoy it as a pastime or hobby. We also sponsor a monthly coffee house where we encourage writers to bring their work and read, and we often invite special guests (published writers, poets, musicians or storytellers).  Each year in May we hold a Special Coffee House with the Shuswap Association of Writers which launches the three day Word on the Lake Festival for Readers and Writers.


Shuswap Association of Writers (SAW)

Sponsor of the workshop, Word on The Lake, May 16-18, 2014.

The president is Kay Johnston, kwestielover@telus.net, (250) 832-3028.

Website:  www.shuswapassociationofwriters.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WordontheLake/



When:                        2nd Monday of each month from 4:30 to 6:00 pm

Where:                       Nakusp Public Library, 92 6 Ave. NW, Nakusp, BC

Genres:                       Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Plays, Memoirs

Level:                          Beginner to Advanced

Size:                             8 active members

Contact:                       Corinne Tessier, tessiercl@me.com


Expectations of group members: A genuine desire to write, to provide constructive feedback to others, to learn and improve writing techniques, and to socialize and share with others interested in writing. There is no expectation to be currently working on a piece of writing, nor to regularly share what one has written, nor to act on feedback received. However, full participation is encouraged and it is expected that you will offer the occasional piece of writing to the group for review. Confidentiality is expected.

Activities of the group can include but are not limited to: 1) Timed writing exercises with constructive critiques, 2) Feedback on pieces of members work submitted to group, 3) Workshop or retreat focused on some form of writing i.e. joint scriptwriting, 4) Guest experts, 5) Sharing tips/learning exercises, 6) Announcements regarding writing contests and workshops.

Facilitation of the meetings will rotate among members. Facilitator role is to choose the activity and set the agenda for the 1.5 hours (e.g. choose the timed writing prompt or guest speaker, etc., list submissions to critique, ensure the meeting is focused and on time.)

 Membership open to: any gender, any age who is committed to the expectations.


Writers Nook Group

When:                         2nd and 4th Wednesday Sept-May, 10 AM – 12 PM

Where:                        Okanagan Regional Library South Shuswap Branch, #1,
                                     2425 Golf Course Drive, Blind Bay Market, Blind Bay,
                                     V0E 1H2

Contact:                      Shirley DeKelver, 250-803-5242, dekelver@cablelan.net


The O’s Own Writers

When:                         2nd Wednesday of each Month, 7-9 PM

Where:                       Osoyoos Arts Centre above the Osoyoos Art Gallery at                                           89th Ave and Main St.

Tasks:                         Workshops, readings, festivals, speakers, feedback,
                                     publishes anthologies and chapbooks

Size:                            Open, new members welcome, running since 1981

Contact:                      Sue Whittaker (250) 495-7664 swhit@persona.ca 
                                     OR Jody Chadderton (250) 495-2170

Websites:                    http://osoyoosarts.com/groups/os-own-writers/ – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/osownwriters/



Kelowna Word Guild (Christian Writers)

When:                  Third Wednesday each month

Contact:                Jane Rozek 

Email:                  re.jane.catherine@gmail.com

Web:                    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1012463652138231/


Kelowna Writers’ Guild

When:                   First Tuesday of each month, 6-8 PM

Where:                  Kelowna Library

Web:                     https://www.facebook.com/groups/1353553561326285/


West Kelowna Writers Group

The West Kelowna writing groups, The Writing Guild and The Publishing Guild, have been combined, and have new facilitators: Donna Bird: birdsy@shaw.ca ; Michael Jensen: mandcjensen@gmail.com ; and Ann Carter: revanncarter@shaw.ca . The new group will focus on writing skills for the time being. They plan to focus the group on writing skills for the time being.


Summerland: Happy Scriveners

When:                   Alternate Wednesdays, 2 to 4 pm

Where:                 Summerland Library

Level:                    Pleasure

Contact:                 Elizabeth Bartosinski, phone 250-496-3476

Email:                     ennea1088@gmail.com

Details:                This is a group for pleasure writers. They do light
                              critiquing (maybe), but are more of a share-your- writing
                              sort of group. 






MSA Poets Potpourri Society

When:                          Monthly – 7:00 pm

Where:                        Legal Grounds Coffee House, Abbotsford

Genre:                          Poetry, creative prose

Level:                           All

Tasks:                          Workshops, readings, festivals, speakers, feedback,
                                      publishes anthologies and chapbooks

Size:                             Open, new members welcome, running since 1981

Contact:                       Donna Bishop 604-859-2798  or
                                      Jaye Low (604) 309-4070


Blue Moon Reading Series

When:                         Monthly  April–Sept., 6:30–8:30 pm

Where:                        Clearbrook Library, Abbotsford

Genre:                         Poetry, creative prose

Level:                           All

Tasks:                           Workshops, readings, festivals, speakers, feedback,
                                       publishes anthologies and chap books

Size:                              30 +. New members welcome

Contact:                       Jaye Low  604-309-4070 or Shelley Haggard at

Writer Guild

Contact:                       Brenda Mathews, Box 34, Lake Errock, BC V0M 1N0,                                            Aldergrove



Hope Writers’ Guild

When:                          2nd Monday of month

Where:                        Members’ home in Hope

Genre:                          Mixed

Level:                           Mixed

Tasks:                           Critiques, speakers, chapbooks

Size:                             New members welcome

Contact:                       Marilyn Meden

Phone:                         604-869-5254

Email:                          mjmeden@telus.net



Langley Writers’ Guild

The address is

Where:                        St. Joseph’s Church Hall

When:                          1st , 2nd & 4th Thursday of month from 10am to 12                                                noon;

Genre:                         All genres, including poetry (no erotica)

Size:                             24 members — usual attendance 10 to 18

Level:                           New writers to professionally published writers

Contact:                       Deanna MacDonald, President

Email:                           deannawrites7@shaw.ca

Phone:                         604-530-0951

Description:                Short business meeting once a month; otherwise readings and critiquing; workshops by established writers. We have an instructor once a month to conduct a workshop. We publish a chapbook with stories and poems from the members every year or two. Summer 2012 we conducted a writer-in-residence program at the Langley Arts Council gallery. Number of books published: from 8 to 10.


Ram’s Head Writers’ Group

When:                          Weekly, Thursdays, 7 p.m.

Where:                        4936 – 198 Street, Langley

Genre:                          Mixed

Level:                           Mixed

Tasks:                            Critiques, readings, speakers

Size:                              New members welcome

Contact:                       Lisa Hatton – 604-534-6536 plan-it@shaw.ca or
                                      Susan Flanagan 604-574-3867 flanagans@telus.net


Sci-Fi & Fantasy Critique

When:                          Every Thursday 7:30 pm

Where:                        ABC restaurant, Fraser Hwy & 152

Genre:                          Mixed

Level:                           Mixed

Tasks:                           Critique

Size:                              New members welcome

Contact:                       Dana
Phone:                         604-533-3977



Acme Associated Writers

When:                          Every other Monday

Where:                        Member homes

Size:                              Not seeking members

Contact:                       Len – 604-581-6951 or Lucy – 604-590-7034


In Our Own Write

When:                         Twice a month

Where:                        Member homes, Surrey/Delta/Langley

Tasks:                           Writing practice, readings, critique

Size:                             New members welcome

Contact:                       John Lewis

Phone:                         604-951-0061


Ocean Park Writers’ Group
When:                         Tuesday 12:30pm to 2:30 pm

Where:                        Townhouse clubhouse

Size:                              4 – needs 2 more members

Contact:                       Judith Worbeck
Email:                          jaworbeck@hotmail.com


Pen & Inkling of North Delta

When:                          We meet every 2 weeks on Tuesday at 9:00-11:00 a.m.
                                      in members’ homes.

Genre:                          All, including non-fiction and poetry

Level:                           All levels

Tasks:                           Individual readings of current work followed by a
                                      critique by each member at the meeting

Size:                             5 – 8 – New members always welcome

Contact:                      Rosemary Rigsby; rosemarylee63@gmail.com

Description:               Although the group is placed in the Surrey/Delta category, we have members from other areas such as New Westminster and Langley, and even Victoria. We are serious about our writing, but not about  ourselves – we always have fun!


The Plunge

When:                         Monthly

Where:                        Coffee shops – contact for details – Surrey

Genre:                         All

Level:                           Mixed. We are beyond the dog paddle level.

Tasks:                           Critique, readings, editing, writing support and
                                      inspiration, networking

Size:                             Accepting new members

Contact:                       Bev Schellenberg

Email:                           baschellenberg@yahoo.ca



When:                        1st and 3rd Wednesdays 10-12 am

Where:                       Langley

Genre:                        Mixed, mostly novels

Level:                         Advanced

Size:                            Limited to 7 members

Contact:                      Loreena Lee

Email:                         loreena@dragonlee.ca

Description:              Critiquing


North Delta

Delta Writers’ Meet-ups:

  • Writing Group for singles/The Joy of Authorship.  34 members. We are singles who love to write. Some of us are published authors; others are new to writing. We meet once per month to discuss our writing projects, learn and mingle. Join us: You might find that your writing muse is your soulmate. More info here.

Surrey/Walnut Grove/Newton

White Rock, South Surrey

Circle of Writers

When:                          1st Wednesday of month
Where:                        Member homes, Surrey/W.Rock
Genre:                          Mixed
Level:                           Beginners
Size:                              6 – new members welcome

Contact:                       Alice
Phone:                         604-536-1408

Email:                          amanderson@telus.net

White Rock

Memoirs & Co.

When:                          Twice a month

Where:                        Member homes

tasks:                            Critique, publishers collections

Size:                              Not seeking new members

Contact:                       Laura

Phone:                         604-538-8438


White Rock & Surrey Writers Club

When:                         3rd Wednesday of month, 7 to 8:45 pm

Where:                        White Rock Library – 15342 Buena Vista Drive,
                                      White Rock

Genre:                         All

Level:                          All

Tasks:                         Readings, friendly critiques, annual writing contest

Size:                            20 – new members welcome

Contact:                     (please refer to email address)

Email:                        wrandswc@gmail.com

Website:                    whiterockandsouthsurreywriters.weebly.com/


The Write Stuff

When:                          Every 2nd week, daytime

Where:                        White Rock – call for information

Size:                              Not seeking new members

Contact:                       Jody

Phone:                         604-541- 8772


Word Whips by the Water

When:                         1st Wednesday of the month, 6:30-8 PM

Where:                        White Rock Public Library 15342 Buena Vista Ave,                                                White Rock BC

Email:                           chezshaw2013@gmail.com

Web:                            www.pandorascollective.com

Presented by Pandora’s Collective. We provide writing prompts and encourage people to take the challenge. Emphasis is on exercising the right brain in a safe environment – sharing is optional.

Host:                            Karen Shaw


Dog’s Head Theatre

When:                         Varies

Where:                        Yarrow area

Genre:                         Stage-play writing & performing

Level:                           Mixed

Tasks:                           Readings, critiques, guest speakers, retreats,
                                      workshops, performances, writing contests

Size:                             10 – new members by invitation

Contact:                       John Carroll

Email:                          majuba@shaw.ca



Dawson Creek

Northern Writers Ink

When:                         Monthly – contact for times

Where:                        Kiwanis Enterprise Center

Size, ages:                   Young and also just starting out writers are welcome and the group is open to new members.

Genre:                         All

Contact:                       Enterprise Center at 250-782-5745

Description:                We have speakers in from the local Northern Lights College or English Learning groups from the City that we can learn from. We self-published a book with all our writings to encourage the new writers.

Prince George

Scribblers Unanimous

When:                         2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 7 pm

Location:                     Bob Harkins (Main) branch of the Prince George Public
                                      Library, 887 Dominion Street in the Keith Gordon

Genre:                         All

Size:                             Attendance varies from 8–17, but new members are
                                     always encouraged

Contact:                       Andrea Palmer, a reference librarian who also works
                                      in the children’s section.

Email:                          apalmer@lib.pg.bc.ca

Phone:                         250-563-9251.

Description:                A topic or two is suggested for each session for writers looking for an idea to start on, but participants can write on any topic they want. Members bring in what they have written on the topic(s) suggested during the previous session and listen to critiques meant to be praise or friendly criticism. (Hostile criticism is discouraged.) Andrea  starts out each session with news of writing competitions, opportunities for freelance writers, writing workshops in the near future, etc. She leaves after about 15 mins. starting off the session, and then returns around 8:25, just before the meeting breaks, to learn the topic chosen for the next session and also ask members if they want her to research something for them for the next session (i.e., how to market children’s literature, how to get involved in screenwriting, etc.)


Northern Scribblers Online

An online group of writers founded in the fall of 2003.

Size:                             About 30 members
Ages:                            All

Level:                           Beginning or experienced, published or unpublished.

Membership:             Originally comprised of writers from Northern BC, we
                                     now include family & friends

Contact:                       Bee Wolf Ray at http://earthmatrix.net/scribblers/

Description:                Members share ideas and constructive feedback in a friendly peer environment. The group’s website provides a focal point for the exchange of information and a place to post work for other members to view and critique (if requested). There is no charge. Optional monthly writing assignments are available for those wishing to develop their skills.


Pope Mountain Writers Group

Where: Fort St. James

When: One evening every two months, varies

Where: Pope Mountain Arts Center

Genres Fiction, Non-Fiction, Blog Writing, YA

Level: Beginner to advanced

Size of group: 6-8

Contact: Ruth Lloyd

Email: popemountainarts@gmail.com

Description: A casual group which meets and discusses projects, experiences and shares knowledge. We do writing exercises as well, if time allows, share links and information via email and meet up more regularly during NaNoWriMo


Smithers Writers Group

When:                          2nd Thursday of every month

Where:                        Members’ homes

Members:                    Open to new members

Genre:                          All

Contact:                       Sheila Peters

Email:                            sheila.peters900@gmail.com

Description:                Members read/discuss the exercise set in the previous session, then take part in a writing exercise for that evening. People bring short pieces they’re working on for sharing and/or critiquing. The host sets a task for the following meeting.



Terrace Writers Group

Web:                           http://www.terracewritersgroup.com



When:                         1st Tuesday of every month from 7–9 pm

Where:                        Cafenara coffee shop (the Flavors side).

Genre:                         All

Size:                             Ranges from 6–15. Open to new members.

Description:                We only ask that individuals attending meetings be serious about their writing and committed to keeping on the topic of writing during the meetings. We follow a loose agenda and recommend writers come out to a meeting or two to see if TWG is a good fit for them. Please see our website for more details about what we do, who we are, etc.


Unraveling North

Contact:                       Katherine Bell

Email:                            alpine_kat@hotmail.com

Description:                An informal writing group has just been established in Terrace.  It meets once a month.




Uphill Writing Group

When:              monthly

Where:             rotating households

Tasks:              critiquing members’ work

Genres:            mostly fiction & memoir, occasional explorations into other genres

Level:               intermediate

Size:                 4-5

Contact:           Brian d’Eon

Email:               author@briandeon.com


Description: Presently the group consists of two men and two women, all of whom have had work published in magazines or in book form. We spend most of our time critiquing works in progress. The group would consider adding one new member to its ranks.


Kimberley Writers

Where: Kimberley Arts Centre

When: Thursdays 2:30 – 4:30

Genres: All

Levels: All

Size: 15-30

Contact: Lori Craig

Email: loricraigcreative@gmail.com

Phone: 250-908-4182


Oliver Scribblers

Where:                        Oliver Library on Station St.

When:                         1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 9:30 a.m.

Genres:                       Mixed

Levels:                        New to Published

Size:                            10-12 members (new members accepted)

Contact:                      Jessica Murphy

Email:                        fairviewhouse@persona.ca

Phone:                         250-498-2813

Description:               The goal of this phase is to produce an Anthology from the collection of writings and for the participants to see their work in book form. To that end, the focus is on honing writing skills through ‘short short stories’ (also known as Flash Fiction). Developing skills to write Flash is an excellent basis for other writings – novels, memoirs, family histories, business letters, essays, biographies and so on. Attention will be given to various aspects of writing including, grammar, punctuation, word usage, phraseology, character development, point of view, style and more.


Okanagan-South Writers’ League (OWL): (Formerly: Penticton Writers and Publishers: PWAP)

Where:                      Shatford Centre

When:                        Third Wednesday of September, November, January, March, May, 6:30-8:30

Genres:                       All

Levels:                         All

Size:                             Average 20 members per meeting.

Contact:                       Norma Hill OR Dawn Renaud

Email:                         nlhills@shaw.ca OR  dawnrenaud@telus.ne

Phone:                        (250) 490-0336

Facebook:                  https://www.facebook.com/groups/519953788213898/?ref=bookmarks

Description:               We have a variety of sub-groups with specific goals/genres/etc. These have included: mastermind groups, a non-fiction writers group, a weekly summer drop-in group, children’s writers, etc. OWL Creative Non-Fiction Group: – Meet: last Monday of each month, 7 to 9 pm, at Beth’s home – Contact: Beth Gleason oglesain@yahoo.ca OWL Feedback for Writers: – Meet: 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month, 9:30 to noon, Craft Corner Kitchen, 557 Main St., Penticton. – 3 sessions per year: Jan-Mar, Apr-June, and Sep-Dec. Next session begins Saturday, Sept 15, 2018. – Contact: Facilitator is Julie H. Ferguson, 604-469-1319, jhferguson@beaconlit.com – Please apply to facilitator to see if space is available for writers of any level and genre. – Facilitator’s website: www.beaconlit.com. Also checkout OWL Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/519953788213898/ Kidlit Critique Group: – Meet: Cowork, 129 Nanaimo West. Date and time TBA (new group) – Contact: Diane Jones: cell 1-604-908-2525 angelslodge@yahoo.com Comedy and Song Writing Group: – Meet: to be announced (new group) – Contact: Lynn Greene: 250-493-6955 lynngreene777@gmail.com Writing Out Loud: – A group where beginning writers experience the benefits of journaling and sharing their writing. – Contact Mary Kiviste: 250 492-4305 ext. 3244 or mkiviste@okanagan.bc.ca Okanagan Valley Writers’ Festival (OVWF): – Annual writer’s conference held the first full weekend of April in Penticton at the Shatford Centre. – Website: https://okanaganvalleywritersfestival.com/ – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OKWritersFest01/ STEPS Creative Writing for Youth: – Started as a series of youth workshops – Continues as a Facebook page with writing information and events of interest to teen writers https://www.facebook.com/groups/1216336771813453/ – Contact: Norma J Hill, 250-490-0336 nlhills@shaw.ca



Roberts Creek

Red Pens Writing Group

When:                         Once per week by agreement

Where:                       Roberts Creek

Genre:                         short stories, novel

Level:                           Advanced

Size:                             3-4 members

Contact:                      Caitlin Hicks – 604-886-4692

Email:                          caitlin@caitlinhicks.com

Description:               We meet every week; each writer gets 20 minutes to 30 minutes to read and discuss their latest writing. Each writer provides each other member of                                             the group a copy of the work to be shared. We ask each other what we want from today’s ‘critique’ … and are free to disagree if the feedback does                                                 not resonate. Since the group is small, we rely on the commitment of each member to attend.


Powell River

Malaspina Writers’ Association  (see final note)

When:                          1st  Thursday of month

Where:                        Members’ homes

Genre:                          All

Level:                           All

Tasks:                           Critique, readings, workshops,  registered

Size:                              12, new members welcome

Contact:                       Allan Brown, artistic director

Phone:                         604-485-5240

Email:                          allan.brown@telus.net

Note:                            The MWA, which began in 1989, has not met regularly since mid-2010. We are presently re-organizing it and hope to have a regular meeting schedule in place early in 2013.  


Halfmoon Bay Writers’ Workshop

When:                         Every 3rd Tuesday, 2–4 pm

Where:                        Sechelt, BC (facilitator’s home)

Genre:                         All

Level:                           Literary writing & workshopping

Size:                             Currently at 6 members,  new members welcomed!

Tasks:                           Presentation of work, critique, support, share

Contact:                       AS Penne – aspenne@gmail.com


Sunshine Coast Children’s Authors

When:                         Alternating Tuesdays, 7pm to 9pm

Where:                        Varies

Genre:                         Children’s lit.

Level:                           All

Tasks:                           Writing support, critique

Size:                             Taking new members

Contact:                       Audrey Owen – aowen@dccnet.com



Writers looking to join a writing group in Victoria should contact Sheila Martindale at the Victoria Writers’ Society – poet-sheila@hotmail.ca

You will have to join the Society($30/annual) to get this benefit, but they do run various writer groups and will match you with the one that suits your interests.


Sidney/North Saanich Library Writers Group

Where:                       Sidney/North Saanich Library Branch, Vancouver Island Regional Library 10091 – Resthaven Drive.

When:                         6:30 – 8:00 pm on the 2nd and last Thursday of the month from September – June

Genres:                       All

Level:                           Various

Size:                             6-15 per meeting

Contact:                     Sharon Walker

Email:                          sidney@virl.bc.ca

Phone:                        250-656-0944

Description:                       Our focus is to encourage one another. The second Thursday meeting consists of a presentation from someone within the group or a guest speaker. The last Thursday meeting is a time for critique where members bring their work and ask for input from others.


West Coast Vancouver Island

Clayoquot Writers Group

Where:                        Tofino, BC, Venue changes


When:                         Every other Sunday

Genres:                       Most genres represented

Level:                           From dabblers to published authors

Size:                             Total group size, including e-list: 12

Contact:                       Joanna Streetly

Email:                           streetly@telus.net

Description:                       Clayoquot Writers meet for topical discussions and writing critiques. We also carry out public readings and other creative ventures from time to time. If you are passionate about writing and you live in the area, send us an email.



Comox Valley Writers Society

Where:                     Valley View Elementary School library

When:                       Every 3rd Thursday

Genres:                     all genres

Level:                        beginners to published authors

Size:                          40-50 members, 20-25 at meetings

Contact:                    Terrance James, President

Email:                       tn-james@shaw.ca

Phone:                      250-338-0597

– the group has existed (with some ups and downs) since the 1950s
– monthly meetings include: guest speaker, society business, member readings
– monthly genre-specific groups (e.g. memoir, fiction, poetry, etc. facilitated as requested annually)
– monthly Prose & Poetry reading at the Courtenay Library on last Friday of each month, 12-2, refreshments provided.
– published Writers & Books: Comox Valley 1865-2015 as a society project for the City of Courtenay Centennial cvwriterssociety.ca


Comox Valley Writers Society

Where:                       Mark Isfeld Secondary School library, Courtenay

When:                        3rd Thursday of the months September to June

Genres:                      All genres

Level:                         Beginners to Published Authors

Size:                            Over 80 members, 25 plus at meetings

Contact:                      JV Miller, President; T. James, Past President

Email:                         1234jvm@gmail.com or tn-james@shaw.ca

Phone:                        250-339-1998 or 250-338-0597

Website:                     cvwriterssociety.ca

Description:              The group has existed (with some ups and downs) since the 1950s. Monthly meetings include: a guest speaker, society business, and member readings. Monthly genre-specific groups (e.g. memoir, fiction, poetry, etc.,) are facilitated as requested, annually. Monthly Prose & Poetry reading at the Courtenay Library on the last Friday of each month, 12:00 to 2:00 pm, refreshments provided. Published Writers & Books: Comox Valley 1865-2015 as a society project for the City of Courtenay Centennial.


Duncan Write-In 

When:                         Fourth Thursday of the Month, 6:30-8ish

Where:                        Cafe la Vie, 171 Canada Ave, Duncan, V9L1T4

Genres:                        All

Levels:                         All

Size:                            Small

Contact:                      Diane Gallagher

Email:                        diane@dianegallagherwritings.com

Phone:                        250-715-6132

Description:              Cafe la Vie is a relaxed and comfortable space where we get together and write for 45 minutes, then we read/share/discuss or just gab for the last 45 minutes.



Chemainus Writers Group

When:                          Every 2nd Monday, 1 to 4pm

Where:                        Meets at member homes

Genres:                        All

Levels:                         All members have published works
Size: 6 to 8 members

Contact:                       Sylvia

Email:                           chemainuswriters@gmail.com

Description:                Membership by invitation only. Men and women 50+. Prospective member may request interview.Qualicum Beach


Chemainus Literary Festival

When:                        Every Saturday morning from 10-12

Where:                       Willow Cafe, Willow Street, Chemainus, Vancouver
                                     Island. V0R 1K0

Genres:                       All

Levels:                        All

Size:                            Open

Contact:                      Eliza Hemingway

Email:                          elizahemingway@shaw.ca


We meet from 2nd Saturday in February until October 31st each year.
The emphasis is on literary fiction. We aim to publish a book of short stories each year in time for presentation at a three day festival for Culture Days Canada. Everyone is welcome to join the group. We need critical opinions and physical help along with the writers. For people that do not write they can come along and enjoy the experience. People with technical experience (computer) are welcome. Arts Angels Publishing will publish the book, which will be offered for sale at the festival. Writers will be paid any royalties due.

Qualicum Beach

BaffleGab Writers

When:                            1st Monday of the month
Where:                          Members’ homes
Genres:                          All genres includes poetry

Level:                             emerging/intermediate plus

Size:                                5 members

Contact:                         Elizabeth Symons

Email*:                           elizabethsymons@shaw.ca

Phone:                           250-594-6106



Sooke Writers’ Collective

Where:                        Sooke area – varies – currently held in Sooke public library

When:                        first Wednesday of every month, evening

Genre:                         All

Level:                           New writers to published writers

Description:             To provide support, connection, inspiration and encouragement to writers* at all levels of development in the Sooke region through membership services which include monthly meetings and community outreach in the form of student writing contests, workshops and readings.

Size:                            12 members

Contact:                       Deb Clay

Email:                            info@sookewriters.com

Other information:  www.sookewriters.com
The group was originally founded by author Shirley Skidmore of Sooke and has been ongoing for several years.  It has evolved from “Sooke Scribblers” to Sooke Writer’s Collective.  Every spring we host a a writing contest at our local high school in order to encourage young writers. We strive to publish an annual anthology of member’s work including the winners of the high school writing contest.


Write Again

When:                         Wednesdays 12:30 – 2:30

Where:                        Cowichan Library:  2687 James St., Duncan

Genre:                         open

Level:                           all levels

Size:                             no limit

Tasks:                           none that I know of

Contact:                       Peggy (250) 746-5174

Drop in basis



Cowichan Writers Group 

When:                         1st and 3rd Thursdays 6 pm

Where:                       Cowichan Branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library

Genre:                        all genres

Level:                          All levels

Size:                            no limit

Tasks:                         Small groups workshop 1000 words of one another’s work.  Open to writers of fiction, poetry and nonfiction. (No meetings during the summer. Will resume in September)

Contact:                     Diane (250) 715-6132



Duncan Showroom

When: Last Tuesday of every month, 7:30 PM

Where: Duncan Showroom

Genre:                         all genres

Level:                           All levels

Size:                             no limit

Tasks:                           Open mic (5 min limit per person). Everyone is welcome to read anything (poems, fiction, nonfiction, plays, tasting notes, limericks, etc)

Contact:                       http://showroomproductions.ca/calendar


Eliza Hemmingway Writers Group

When: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, 6:00 PM- 7:30 PM

Where: Duncan Library

Genre:                         all genres

Level:                           All levels

Size:                             no limit

Contact:                       http://www.elizahemingway.com/events-workshops/13-eliza-hemingway-writers-group



Writing Write-In 

When:                         2-4PM, Last Sundays of the Month (starting July 2018) Next dates are July 29, and August 26,

Where:                        Harbourfront Library

Genre:                         All

Level:                          All

Size:                            Small, growing

Tasks:                          Participants bring a few prompts each, they write for 30 mins following a shared prompt and share their writing if they’d like. They repeat this as long as they like–feel free to chat! This is unfacilitated.



Writing Life Women’s Writing Circle

When:                         9:30 a.m. to noon Tuesdays or 1 to 3:30 p.m. Thursdays                                       for six weeks at a time

Where:                        The Two Cat Be & Be in Nanaimo

Genre:                         journaling, poetry, personal essay, fiction

Level:                           beginner to experienced

Size:                             average six/maximum nine

Tasks:                           Participants write following prompts and share their writing

Contact:                       Mary Ann Moore creativity@maryannmoore.ca


Description:                Nourish Yourself. Honour Your Voice. Tell your Stories.

Other info:                  $210 for six weeks in advance ($180 early bird rate)



Oceanside Writers’ Group

When:                          3rd Wednesday of the month, 2:30-4:30 sharp

Where:                         Chameleon’s Restaurant, corner of McMillan and West
                                       Island Highway (19A), Parksville

Genres:                          All

Levels:                           Actively writing

Size:                               Open

Contacts:                       Barbara Botham

Email:                            aislinnstudio@shaw.ca

Phone:                            250-752-1231

Description:                  Members take turns reading from their writing in progress and providing constructive feedback to each other. The group also discusses the writing process, publishing, revising, marketing and        writing events. The group seeks to establish a setting that provides encouragement and mutual support.



Burnaby Writers’ Society

When:                         2nd Thursday of each month, Sept–June

Where:                        Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, 6450 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby

Genres:                       All

Levels                          Novice to experienced

Size:                             Attendance at workshop meetings about 12–15

Contacts:                     Kelly Dycavinu, Eileen Kernaghan, Lara Varesi

Email:                          info@bws.bc.ca

Blog:                             http://burnabywritersnews.blogspot.com

Description:          Monthly manuscript editing/ critiquing workshop. The Burnaby Writers’ Society has been meeting regularly on the third Tuesday of the month, not including July or August, prior to its sponsored monthly reading series, Spoken INK,  which starts at 8 PM at Deer Lake Art Gallery (info: bwscafe@gmail.com). The Burnaby Writers’ Society also sponsors an annual writing contest. Membership of $35/year ($25 seniors/students/unwaged) includes a subscription to the market and resource newsletter.


Coquitlam Word Wranglers

When:                          Every second Tuesday (beginning March 26, 2019)
                                       from 1:00 to 3:30 pm

Where:                         West Coquitlam (Lougheed and Brunette area)

Genre:                          All genres exclusive of smutty erotica and slasher

Level:                            Aspiring to Published Writer

Tasks:                            Networking, writing exercises, critiquing, reading

Size:                               New members welcome (5 members so far)

Contact:                         Lyn Ayre

Email:                            lynayre@telus.net

Website:                        www.lynayre.com 


First part: we’ll each get a few minutes to say something new about ourselves as we hand out our business card to those who might not have one yet. There will be a five-ten-minute speed-writing exercise followed by sharing what we’ve just written. Short break.
Second part: each week, people can volunteer to bring a five-minute read for critique. Bring copies for everyone so they can write notes for you. There will be a few minutes of discussion on it. We’ll rotate through the group so everyone who wants to share can have a turn.
We can bring our synopsis or elevator pitch, talk about submitting items, share tips for writing, successes we’ve recently had, editing, publishing, promoting, marketing our published books. 

Atmosphere is supportive, non-competitive, and safe. We enjoy people who play nicely with others. A clipboard might be useful for writing on.

Books for sale
Bring cash in case you’d like to purchase someone’s book.

Fee: $5 drop-in fee. For more information, go to our Meetup page.             

Maple Ridge

Fraserview Writing Group

When:                         3rd Wednesday of THE month – 1:30 pm

Where:                        Fraserview Rec. Centre, Maple Ridge

Genre:                         Mixed

Level:                           All

Tasks:                           Critique, guest speakers, events

Size:                             8 – 15. New members welcome

Contact:                       Elsie Cohen

Phone:                         604-463-1255


Golden Ears Writers
Golden Ears Writers is a networking and education organization for all interested writers in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows and surrounding areas.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month (except July and August) in the lobby of The Maple Ridge Arts and Cultural Theatre (The ACT).

The program for each month is different and ranges from presented workshops to readings. This is a group for adult writers of fiction or non-fiction.

For information about upcoming meetings


or contact Katherine at educationwatch@gmail.com

Maple Ridge Writers’ Meet-ups:

Month-End Writers Meetup. 175 members. Epic Meetup Action. Bring anything you’d like to work on. At the Stomping Grounds Coffee House, 101-10931 Barnston View Road , Pitt Meadows. Info here.

New Westminster

New West Writers

When:                         Sept. to June – 3rd Sat of the month, 10:30 am to 4 pm

Where:                        Downstairs, Arts Council Gallery (Queens Park, New Westminster)

Genres:                       All

Levels:                         Emerging, established, and professional

Size:                             10

Contact:                       President, New West Writer’s Group

Email:                          julianworker@gmail.com

Web:                            newwestwriters.wordpress.com

Description:                Open critique group, accepting new members. See Announcements page on our website for meeting information, because we sometimes change to avoid long weekends. New West Writers critique group has been meeting in New West since 1990 and supports emerging established and professional writers and poets.

Renaissance Book Writers

When:                         Wednesdays 10am-12:30 pm

Where:                        Renaissance Books New Westminster

Genres:                       All

Levels:                         Emerging, established, and professional

Size:                             16

Description:               Drop-in group.  Critique group.  $5 drop-in fee includes                                       refreshments.


Heritage Writers – “Write From the Heart”

When:                          Every Monday morning 10 – noon.

Where:                        The HERITAGE GRILL, Columbia St. at 6th street

Genres:                        Anyone welcome

Levels:                        Anyone welcome $5. drop-in

Size:                             6-10 people

Contact:                       Ruth Kozak, facilitator

Email:                           ruthaki2@shaw.ca

Phone:                         604-254-9711

Web:                            www.ruthkozak.com

Description:               Some instructing on various writing subjects and workshop of members writing – prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction

See our Facebook Page at Heritage Writers

Tri-Cities: Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody

Tri-City Wordsmiths

Where:                    Terry Fox Library, Port Coquitlam

When:                     First Saturday of every second month (February,                                                    April, June, August, October, December), from 2 to                                                4:30 p.m.

Genres:                   All

Level:                      All abilities & all ages (19+ to senior)

Size:                        40 members + public also attends

Contact:                  Pandora Ballard

Website:                 www.tri-citywordsmiths.ca

Email:                    info@tri-citywordsmiths.ca or

Description: See our website for up-to-date information on our many programs and events.

The group is dedicated to education and networking, so meetings will consist of speakers, readers, workshops, and occasionally YouTube videos by experts in the field.

Registration may be required for high-profile speakers and special events, from time to time, since space is limited.

Due to the nature of the group, critiquing of individual work will not take place, but participants are free to network over coffee at the end of the meeting, and perhaps meet informally on their own.

North Vancouver

North Shore Writers’ Association

Where:                       North Vancouver City Public Library: Capilano branch in the Program Room 3rd floor

When:                        3 rd Monday of September, October, and January to May–7-8:45 p.m. (We break over the summer) Social gatherings are held in November and June.

Genres:                      All

Levels:                       All

Size:                            100+ members

Contact:                     Doug MacLeod, president

Website:                    www.nswriters.com

Contact:                     Through NSWA website Use ‘Contact Us’ option.                                                    Individualized responses are given.

Description:            This group nourishes the literary community of the North Shore through the teaching and sharing of skills. At our meetings, we listen to speakers, participate in workshops, and conduct readings, all with the aim of increasing our knowledge about the world of writing. Our meeting topics include presentations by writers and editors on writing craft, personal experience, and will often include a short reading from their recent work.

The NSWA also sponsors ‘Dare to be Heard’, An opportunity to read short pieces of work to a non-critical, supportive group. FREE to the public and NSWA members. Meets on the 1st Monday of October to December, February through June, and the 2nd Monday of September. Location: North Vancouver City Library, 2nd Floor Board Room. 6:30-8:45 p.m. For details on what to bring use, NSWA website Contact Us option and inquire about how to participate in Dare

Young Writers’ Club   

Where:                        Mollie Nye House, 940 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver

When:                          2nd Wednesday of every month, 4–6 pm

Genres:                        All

Level:                          Grades 5–12

Size:                             Maximum 10 per session

Contact:                       Lisa Voisin

Email:                           ywc@shaw.ca

Phone:                         778-338-4733

Description:                $10 per drop in or prepay to June 2013 for a discount.  2 hour workshop sessions to encourage and nurture the love of writing in young people.


Word Whips – North Shore Edition

When:                         Tuesdays – 6;30 to 8:30 pm

Where:                        The Silk Purse Arts Centre, 1570 Argyle Ave., West                                                  Vancouver

Contact:                       Fran Bourassa
Email:                          fbourassa@hotmail.com

Web:                            www.pandorascollective.com

Description:                Presented by Pandora’s Collective. A warm environment, writing prompts and the opportunity for sharing. Great for beginners or seasoned writers. Get past the inner critic by writing ten to fifteen minutes on each prompt. See what you can whip up.

Port Moody

Kyle Centre Creative Writing Critique Groups

Where:                        Kyle Centre, behind the Arts Centre at 2425 St Johns St. Parking off Kyle Street east of the Arts Centre

When:                         Group 1: Thursday mornings, 9:30 am to noon during                                         academic year;

                                     Group 2:  Monday evenings, 7:00  to 9:30pm during                                               academic year;

                                     Summer sessions: July and August, Thursday                                                       mornings only, 9:30 am to noon.

Genres:                       All

Levels:                        Emerging, experienced, and published participants

Size:                            Thursdays: maximum of 16;  Mondays: max. of 13

Contacts:                    Monday group and summer sessions: facilitators                                               Julie H. Ferguson info@beaconlit.com; Debra Purdy                                            Kong (fiction) Debra_kong@telus.net; or Joyce Gram                                            (editor) email@joycegram.com (These facilitators rotate                                      to provide a broad experience for writers.)

Thursday group:    Facilitator Eileen Kernaghan (fiction, poetry)                                                           ekernaghan@shaw.ca

Phone:                        For information — call one of the facilitators above or                                         Port Moody Recreation Dept at 604.469-4556 for                                                     Creative Writing

Description:              These writers’ groups, administered by Port Moody Parks & Recreation, offer discussion, serious feedback, and support for writers of all levels, in all genres. There are three semesters a year: fall, winter, and spring, as well as July and August. First established about 45 years ago, the Port Moody writers’ groups are one of the longest continually-running public groups in BC. Since 1989 members have had over 25 books and numerous articles and award-winning short stories published.

Cost:                           Varies between $95.00-$110.00 per semester (depending                                      on the number of sessions), and $41.00 per month for                                          the summer sessions.

Registration:             Opens about six to seven weeks in advance of start of                                           sessions. Easiest way to set up an account is by calling                                        604.469.4556 or go online at
http://www.portmoody.ca/index.aspx?page=1149 (Adult General Interest                                            programs).

Port Moody Writers’ Meet-ups

Port Moody Writers—United to Self-Publish

15 members. This group is for anyone in writing, finishing their book, and self publishing. I am starting this group to share ideas and experiences to find and give support in an amazing journey to get good messages out to a wide audience. More info here.


Grind Writers Group (since 2006)

When:                      Every 2 weeks on weekends.

Where:                     Backroom at the Aperture Coffee House –  4124 Main St,                                      at 25th Ave., Vancouver.

Genre:                      Mixed

Level:                       Mixed; beginners welcome

Ages:                        19 years+

Tasks:                       Writing, feedback, support, community

Size:                         Varies

Contact:                   Margo Lamont

Email:                       grindwriters@gmail.com

*NOTE*  please email Margo  before you attend for the first time because the group sometimes  does out-trips; and you also need to read our “Giving/Getting Feedback Guidelines, which she’ll send you,  before you attend.

Description:  This is a friendly and supportive group that exists to inspire writers to write and keep writing, and to submit work when they’re ready. We start with a free-write every time, then read work people have brought in for feedback, read the free-writes if time and/or schmooze about writing and literary pursuits. Bring something to write with. The Aperture has a few laptop plugs.

Read the Grind News:      http://issuu.com/grindwriters/docs
Grind Writers blog:          http://grindwriters.blogspot.ca/

Author’s Night Out

When:                         Second Thursday of every month, 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Where:                       Christianne’s Lyceum of Literature and Art –  3696 West                                       8th Avenue, Vancouver, V6R 1Z1

Contact:                      Christianne Hayward

Email:                         lyceum@christiannehayward.com

Web:                           http://www.christianneslyceum.com


This is a warm, supportive and inspiring environment for new and established authors to workshop their material. Each evening attendees are asked to bring a piece of writing to work on, then authors will read their piece and receive both verbal and written feedback. Regular attendance is encouraged so that we develop a group identity and build bonds of trust around what can be a solitary and somewhat isolating activity. New members are always welcome.

Vancouver Writers Group

When:                         Every 2nd Monday evening, 7 pm

Where:                       Creative Coworkers, 343 Railway St, Vancouver, BC

Genre:                        Fiction, CNF, poetry, plays, comedy

Level:                         Intermediate to advanced

Size:                           10-15 People

Contact:                     Malcolm van Delst

Email:                        malcolm@cutelab.com

Web:                          https://www.meetup.com/Vancouver-Writers-Group/


West End Writers’ Workshop

When:                         Wednesdays, 7 to 9–9:30 pm

Where:                        Barclay Manor, 1447 Barclay St. near Nicola, Vancouver

Genres:                       All writing types, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry,                                         screenplays, stage plays, academic papers, memoirs,                                           etc.

Email:                         westendwriters.@gmail.com

Website:                     www.westendwriters.com

Description:                We suggest you bring 8–10 copies of your work, double-spaced, maximum 10 pages. The work is read aloud by you or a proxy. Each attendee will give you short verbal feedback, along with some written notes on your manuscript. Writers are free to use all, some, or none of these comments.

Prospective members are welcome to attend three meetings for free. After that, we will request that you pay the membership dues. Regular WEWW membership – $15/year; Students, Seniors or Unwaged – $8/year. Membership to West End Community Center Association is required – $9/year. However, if you join WECCA by signing up for a class, you automatically become a lifetime member.

Other:  Parking is sometimes available in the back of the manor. Otherwise, Robson Street offers paid parking two blocks northeast.


Word Whips

When:                         Tuesdays – 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Where:                        Britannia Community Centre – Library Gallery Room,                                         1661 Napier Street, Vancouver

Contact:                       Sita

Email:                           sita@pandorascollective.com

Web:                             www.pandorascollective.com

Description:                Presented by Pandora’s Collective. Take the challenge. We provide the writing prompts and the opportunity for sharing. 10 -15 minutes to write to each prompt. See what you can whip up.

Vancouver Writing Meet-ups

  • BC Assoc. of Travel Writersoccasional meet-ups at the Sylvia Hotel pub. Info here.
  • Just Write Vancouver. 322 members. This group is for all of us who have a desire to write. It is simply a writing group. Open to all levels and is targeted to those who would like to commit themselves to writing on a set date & time each week. It doesn’t matter what type of writing you are doing, or if you have never written before.  What does matter, is that you arrive with a notebook and pen and you write. You’ll know you’re at the right place by the pens moving. When you run out of stuff to write you can just close your notebook and leave. Talking is not required. If we want to say hi and introduce ourselves, that is completely fine, we may make some friends through our writing journey. Just be considerate of those in the silence mode. Web: http://www.meetup.com/JustWriteVancouver/
  • Let’s Get Together, Have a Pint & Talk about Blogging, Writing & Podcasting – Linda Richards, organizer. Info here.
  • Journal to the Self Vancouver. 17 members. Join a journaling and writing community that is finding joy, personal transformation, and creative expression through journaling. Learn different ways to write in your journal, adding colour, perspective, and dimension to your reflective writing. With the help of these journal tools, you can gently but powerfully explore the various aspects of yourself, your life, and your relationships with others. Organizer Solanna Anderson is a certified instructor for the Journal to the Self workshop. More info here.
  • Oracle Vancouver. 36 members. Dedicated to free discussion and idea sharing amongst professional and aspiring writers. Proofreading, critiquing, skill building, and creative exercises are some of many activities the group partakes in. Fiction and non-fiction are the primary focuses of the group. We meet on the 2nd and 5th Wednesdays of every month. More info here.
  • Vancouver Novel Writers Group. 5 members. We’re a small writing group made up of commercial fiction writers working on novels for publication (either traditional or indie). Our goal is to help each other progress towards publication through constructive critique, sharing of information and experience, and building a strong network. More info here.
  • Vancouver Screenwriters Meetup Group. 403 members. An active community-minded group for screenwriters and filmmakers interested in networking, discussing and collaborating on screenplay development for all mediums. Our love of the craft is what binds us – this group’s members are dedicated to helping each other improve – offering support and sharing knowledge and resources, while having a good time in doing so! We provide guidance, contacts and support in all areas of the field – offering our members opportunities to receive feedback on their works-in-progress, as well as to network and market their scripts. Open to Screenwriters of all levels of experience, from the beginner to pro. More info here.
  • MANY MORE Vancouver writers’ meet-up groups listed here.

Whistler (Sea to Sky Corridor – Lower Mainland)

Whistler Writing Society 

Where:                        Whistler

When:                         Monthly; dates vary but typically mid month

Genres:                       Fiction, young adult, non-fiction, children’s, poetry

Level:                          Emerging and established writers

Size:                            150 members in The Whistler Writing Society group

Contact:                       Stella Harvey, founder

Email:                          stella_harvey@telus.net

Website:                      www.whistlerwritersfest.com

Phone:                         604-932-4518

Description:               Three critique groups currently meet in Whistler. These groups review each other’s work and provide feedback. In addition, The Whistler Writing Society meets twice a year for a social event and a development workshop. We organize the Whistler Writers Festival for readers and writers in October of every year, the two-month Whistler Writer in Residence program, Authors in the Schools program and Spring Reading Series. Check the website for up to date info about these events.



*How to list your writers’ group on the BC Writers website*

These listings are free for Writers Groups in BC, provided the group has a confirmed, reasonably active, minimum of 2 current members of the Federation of BC Writers.

Please use this format to display your group and email the info to:  info@bcwriters.ca
We need this information in this order so that the list can be searched more easily.

  1. BC Writers Region:
  2. Name of group:    
  3. Town/City:
  4. When:
  5. Where:
  6. Genres:
  7. Level:
  8. Size:
  9. Contact:
  10. Email:
  11. Phone:
  12. Description (any other useful info a prospective member might want to know about your group):

*Important about contact info: If you do not want an email address, phone number or address posted in your website listing, please provide it, but put a note beside it.  We must be able to contact you by email occasionally to update these listings.

If you, as the organizer, hand over the operation of the Group to another person, or you decide to suspend it, please send that information to  info@bcwriters.ca



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