WordWorks Editorial Board

WordWorks is the magazine of the Federation of BC Writers. Our constant dialogue and planning by a diverse and representative Editorial Board ensures the sensitivity of editorial and advertising decisions to the needs of writers in all genres, at all stages of their writing careers, and in every part of British Columbia and Yukon.


Editor in Chief: Ursula Vaira

FBCW Board Advisor: Ann Graham Walker

Editors and Proofreaders: Chelsea Comeau, Doni Eve, Jacqueline Carmichael, Barbara Pelman, Caitlin Hicks, Adelia MacWilliams

Cover Designer: Chris Hancock Donaldson

If you are interested in joining the WordWorks Editorial Board, please contact editor@bcwriters.caThe FBCW wants representation from all peoples, from all genres, regions, and ages, and welcomes submissions from young and emerging writers.

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