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Caroline Woodward was born and raised in the Peace River region of B.C. She began her writing career with a weekly column in the Alaska Highway News when she was sixteen and has published in a variety of genres ever since despite attempts at respectable careers.

She has a B.A. and Teacher’s Certificate from UBC and a Creative Writing Diploma from David Thompson University Centre. Since 2008, Caroline has worked as a relief lightkeeper based at the Lennard Island Light station near Tofino. She writes poems, essays, short stories, novels, book reviews and books for children.

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A Blue Fable (self-published with the assistance of New Printing Press, Kathmandu, Nepal: 1981), a fable for adults about the imagined perfection of isolation vs the solace of imperfect community life.

Disturbing the Peace (Polestar: 1990;1995), a collection of short stories and prose poems, which was nominated for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, and is anthologized in nine collections including Oxford, Nelson, Prentice-Hall, Second Story Press, Polestar, and the Women’s Press. A Vancouver Sun B.C. Bestseller.

Alaska Highway Two-Step (Polestar: 1993) which was nominated for the Arthur Ellis Best First Mystery and was a Globe & Mail Editor’s Top 100 Books Pick. Introducing Mercy Brown, freelance writer and reluctant psychic sleuth and her faithful canine as they unravel three mysteries for the price of one road trip’s worth of receipts. A Vancouver Sun B.C. Bestseller.

Work is a 4-Letter Word (1999), a collection of illustrated short stories for adult literacy students, written on a contract basis and in collaboration with Selkirk College adult literacy students, the National Literacy Secretariat, B.C. Literacy and the Ministry of Advanced Education, Training & Technology, West Kootenay Project Literacy and Laurie Burke at the Kootenay School of the Arts.

Penny Loves Wade, Wade Loves Penny (Oolichan Books: 2010) a novel set mainly in B.C.’s contemporary Peace River region, with a southern BC road trip of precious cargo inspired by Homer’s Odyssey. A book club favourite and a Vancouver Sun B.C. Bestseller for five weeks running. “A novel both gripping and delectable.” Rebecca Wigod, Vancouver Sun

Singing Away the Dark (Simply Read Books: 2010) a children’s picture book, K-2, illustrated by Julie Morstad, set in the author’s Peace River homesteading community of Cecil Lake, circa 1958. This true story is about harnessing one’s legitimate fears to an active imagination and the fortifying power of a good set of lungs. Nominated for the TD Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Prize for best Canadian picture book, B.C.’s Chocolate Lily Award chosen by student readers, and several others. Published in 2011 by Korean and Bulgarian publishers and in 2012 by Les Editions de la Courte Echelle in Quebec as Chanter Dans Le Noir.

The Village of Many Hats (Oolichan Books: 2012), a novella for Grades 3-5,  explores how a lonely little girl in a mountain village is supported by other villagers of all ages during a time of family crisis, especially a kindly hat-maker, Madame D’Oiseaux. Ideal for the Virtues Curriculum and for links to social studies and activity-based lesson plans and discussions. See www.carolinewoodward.ca for more ideas and background on this and my other books.

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