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Wise Words Submission Call Out!

The WiseWords Committee at the Federation of BC Writers is commissioning articles that benefit seniors in their writing and communication.


You! This program is designed for the benefit of seniors aged 65+, but we won’t be asking for ID. If you write a piece that is meaningful and relevant to that demographic, we will review it. (Articles need to be specifically written for the benefit of people of retirement age)


Articles and Pitches that benefit seniors


This call-out is for submissions is due on or before November 30. We may be doing additional call-outs depending on what we receive.


Email your final, polished work to:

Rather than use submittable, we have opted to use an email address for simplicity as a few of our members had difficulty with submittable. Please be aware that an automated reply will confirm that we have received your entry, and that you will not receive communication beyond that, until final decisions are made. Unless it is a pitch, if that is the case please use the subject line ‘PITCH’, and someone will get back to you within 5-7 business days.


Part of our Wise Words program is creating a web resource of articles and a best-of anthology that will have long lasting impacts on people of retirement age.

Article Submission Specs


·   Polished Articles Benefiting Seniors

·   Previously Unpublished works

·   Commissioned Articles will be purchased at a flat rate of $100 per article.

·   The Federation of BC Writers asks for first Digital and Print rights.

·   Articles will be published online, and selection will be included in a print anthology selected based on long term relevance, target audience, and committee preference.

·  Include: 1-2 sentence explanation of how the article will benefit people of retirement age in their writing and communications, a 2-3 sentence bio, and if applicable, a list of past publications.


·   500-1000 words max

·   650-700 is ideal


·   double spaced

·   12 point font

·   Doc, docx, and rtf formats only


Requested Topics:

·   Isolation & Loneliness

·   Triggered Writing

·   Preventing and Communicating About Elder Abuse

·   Aging in Rural Communities

·   Topics on Seniors who are also a part of other communities including, but not limited to LGBTQ2S+ Persons, Indigenous Persons, People of Colour, People living with Disability.

·   Impact of Climate Change on people of Retirement Age

·   How Dreams Inform our Writing

·   Aging and Relationships

·   Storytelling and/or Creativity in Later Years

·   Physical & Mental Health

·   Write from the Heart (Memoir)

·   Writing for Bereavement

·   Coping with Dementia

·   Why We Write.

Pitches for Articles

If you have an idea for an article that benefits seniors that is not on the topics list, you can submit a pitch


·   1 Paragraph detailing the goal and format of the article

·   1-2 sentence explanation of how the article will benefit people of retirement age in their writing and communications

·   2-3 sentence bio

·   A list of past publications


·   Double spaced

·   12 point font

·   In body of email

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