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Joanna M. Weston
Born in England, she briefly worked in London before finally settling Canada where she combines writing with gardening, ably assisted by deer, raccoons, rabbits, and assorted cats. Family, painting, and photography also keep her busy.
She has had poetry, reviews, and short stories published in anthologies and journals for twenty-five years. Her middle-reader, ‘Those Blue Shoes‘, published by Clarity House Press; and poetry, ‘A Summer Father’, published by Frontenac House of Calgary. Her eBook, ‘The Willow Tree Girl’ at her blog, and the Berry Books, Blog

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Berry Cleans House
Berry the mouse tries to be helpful but his suggestions, though clever, only make more mess. Until he comes up with one good idea.
A great ‘read-aloud’ for the very young.
free ebook at Smashwords
ISBN 978-0-9739051-7-5

Berry and the Birthday Band
Berry the mouse wants to play in the band. But, he has never played a musical instrument! So he tries, fails, and gets into trouble with the band leader. He does find a way to be part of the band in the end.
A great ‘read-aloud’ for the very young.
free ebook at Smashwords
ISBN 978-0-9739051-6-8

The Willow Tree Girl: for ages 7-11
Sarah wants to excel at Scottish country dancing, like Dad and Gran, but she is clumsy. And when Mum gets appendicitis, Sarah has to go and stay with Gran in Saanich British Columbia, away from everything she wants to do.
Sarah meets a strangely dressed girl, Minna, under the willow tree at the end of the Gran’s garden. An old cup, spoon, and locket have been found on the neighbouring farm, and Sarah believes Minna has something to do with them.
Who is Minna? Is she a ghost? Can Sarah follow her back through time to solve the mystery of the Nye’s farm?
ebook The Willow Tree Girl at Smashwords
ISBN 978-0-9739051-5-1

Those Blue Shoes: for ages 7-12
When Meg tries on a pair of blue shoes in Edward Swann’s shoe store, she is whirled into another life and another time. She meets Hannah who demands Meg’s blue shoes because, she says, they are hers.
Meg faces danger from Hannah, fear, and difficulties at home, because she wants to rescue Laura and Derry who are trapped in Hannah’s world. She must hang onto the blue shoes in order to get home again.
ISBN: 0-9739051-1-5

A Summer Father: poetry
When Major John Jarmain, died in the Battle of Normandy on June 26, 1944, Joanna was six years old. A book of his poetry was published in 1945 and she read the poems again and again over the years in an attempt to know the man behind the words. More than six decades later, her own poems reflect a portrait of her absent father and her war-marred childhood. A Summer Father moves from the child’s longing for a father, to the adult’s revulsion from war, to knowledge and, finally, acceptance of death and grief.
published by Frontenac House.
ISBN 1-897181-05–1

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