Welcome to the Launch of the FBCW Blog

Hello, Writers,

How are you doing? We’re doing pretty good, ourselves. You’re probably wondering why the ‘welcome to the launch’ post is happening 14 posts and nearly a year in. Well, we’ve finally got the volunteer power to commit to a weekly schedule of blog posts–and we have the next three months planned.

The Communications Committee (a group of five FBCW board members) had a few meetings and several hours of discussions, and we feel confident about what the FBCW blog will look like going forward. It’s going to be full of informative posts about writing, news relevant to writers in BC, and select member features. Many of these articles will be written based on the questions the FBCW receives most often from BC Writers. Many articles will be written by Shaleeta Harper (Executive Director) and Craig Spence (Board Member), as the FBCW can not afford to pay blog contributors at this time, but writers are encouraged to suggest topics!

One thing we don’t have: a name. Should we just be the FBCW Blog? Should we call ourselves something else? Feel free to make suggestions by commenting on this post.

We hope you’ll check in with us each week, or whenever you get a chance. We’re excited to start posting these articles, every Monday!

About Shaleeta Harrison

I am the Executive Director of the FBCW.

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