Update to recent WordWorks Article- Createspace.com has become obsolete

In the most recent issue of WordWorks, we had an article commissioned to discuss Createspace.com, Amazon’s print on demand site. Immediately after going to print, we learned that important changes had been made to that process. You can read the original article here, and read below to learn about the changes–both sections were written by Alfred Cool.


Amazon has now made their print on demand site, Createspace.com, obsolete by merging that site and their Kindle (ebook) site. The new Amazon self-publishing site, Kindle Direct Publishing is at https://kdp.amazon.com. It acts, looks, and feels close to the old Createspace site. This is where you will create a user account if you don’t already have one with Createspace. If you do have publications with Createspace, you will have to perform the transfer to KDP in 3 uncomplicated and guided steps. So far, I have found the transfer and new site easy to use and without flaws. Some authors have reported errors, though, so check your books carefully.


On the new KDP screen dashboard are also two option buttons to publish new material as a Kindle ebook and/or as a paperback.  Amazon offers the choice to produce ebooks and/or “print on demand,” and you have the option to add either at a later time. The other primary difference is that you can click either of the PAPERBACK or KINDLE ACTIONS buttons associated with each existing publication (or publication in development) and edit, request proofs, delete, or Promote and Advertise (this last function requires the user to pay per click, which is charged on a credit card at the end of each month).

*The FBCW would also like to note that Canadian authors can and should receive free ISBN numbers from Library and Archives Canada.

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