Congratulations to Wiley Ho of North Vancouver, whose winning entry “Blind Luck” has won the 2019 BC Short Fiction Contest.

Congratulations also go to:
1st Honourable Mention: Jill M. Talbot of Vancouver for “Ghosting”
2nd Honourable Mention: greg blee of Tofino for “The Pie”

In the words of judge JJ Lee:

“‘Blind Luck‘, like all the finalists here, has a unity of space and time important for shorter works. The search for a blind fortune teller drives the reader towards the end and holds two mysteries: why does our narrator seek out this man, and what was the fortune he foretold? It has good structure, great flow, and draws the reader through the streets of Judong, Taiwan. It’s a winner.”

On “Ghosting“: “The narrator of ‘Ghosting’ has musings more elliptical than the main character in ‘Blind Luck.’ The story is told from a near-future vantage point but explores a universal experience of loss. The layering of memory and thought is complex here but never loses coherence. The images are also striking.”

On “The Pie“: “This story is a romp. It runs with the beat of music by a dastardly pair of kitchen crew up to no good. The tale scanned the beat and had great flow. The inclusion of an AI detective was a delightful device.”

“We’re impressed with the high level of writing that came in from around the province and country,” said contest founder and FBCW board member Jacqueline Carmichael. “We look forward to the BC Short growing annually.”

Congratulations to all 10 finalists:

“Darkling Beetle” by Barbara Black (Victoria, BC)
“The Pie” by greg blee
“1/32nd African American” & “Hogtied” by Dean Gessie (Midland, Ontario)
“Blind Luck” by Wiley Ho (North Vancouver, BC)
“The Dad” by Diana Jones (Victoria, BC)
“The Rain Won’t Come” by Mary MacDonald (Whistler, BC)
“Nothing Too Stupid” by Janet Miller (Vancouver Island, BC)
“If It Weren’t For You Kids” by Kaya Silver
“Ghosting” by Jill M. Talbot (Vancouver, BC)

The winning story “Blind Luck” by Wiley Ho will be published in the fall issue of WordWorks, the magazine of the Federation of British Columbia Writers. Our Flash Prose Contest opens on August 1st!

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