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Sylvia Taylor is an award-winning writer, editor, educator, and communications specialist in Metro Vancouver. A past director of the Federation of BC Writers for 13 years and current director for the Arts Council of Surrey and Board Adviser to the Royal City Literary Arts Society.
She consults with authors and entrepreneurs, teaches writing-related skills, and is a popular conference presenter and adjudicator. Her works have appeared in anthologies and genre magazines in Canada and the US, and was shortlisted for the CBC National Literary Awards. With over 400 articles in print, she has edit-coached over 100 book manuscripts and hosts author-readings series in partnership with city libraries. Heritage House Publishing released her historical literary memoir, The Fisher Queen: A Deckhand’s Tales of the BC Coast, September, 2012. www.sylviataylor.ca words@sylviataylor.ca
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The Fisher Queen: A Deckhand’s Tales of the BC Coast” ~ published by Heritage House, 2012. Literary historical memoir of the BC salmon commercial fishing industry


Workshops & Courses By Sylvia Taylor Writing Websites That WOW! In an internet world crammed with boring or baffling websites clamouring for our attention: We have 10 seconds to grab people’s attention with our web site content. 1 minute for people to understand our service or product. Learn practical tips and tools for creating engaging website content that hooks and holds interest right to the last page. Hands-on exercises will get you well on your way to a terrific website! Writing Bios That WOW! A brilliant bio is your key to connecting with people and opportunities. One of the most important tools in your promotional kitbag and a building block in websites, it spotlights your unique self and expertise. Explore basics and begin crafting your engaging bio in 50, 100 and 250 words, in a fun and hands-on environment designed to bring out your best. ______________________________________________________________________ Navigating the Publishing World Self-publish or Traditional-publish? Agent or publicist? Editor or writing group? Making your way into and through the publishing world can feel like wandering through the jungle. Learn what to pack, how to avoid the pitfalls and quick sands, and what trail to follow, to get you happily and successfully to your goal. ______________________________________________________________________ The Art & Engineering of Making A Living In the Writing World Come Out of the Cave and Into the Village! Getting published and making a living isn’t just about writing anymore ~ it’s about building a solid foundation, a platform, of credibility and expertise. For experienced and emerging writers alike, we need to build our presence from the ground up, with good planning, good tools, good materials and creative flair. ________________________________________ The Real Genius Is In the Rewrite Editing is like pruning ~ too much and your wonderful inspiration withers on the branch; too little and it’s a tangle of thoughts; just right, and it bears a basket of publications. Come with a draft piece and learn what to snip away, what to nurture, and how to harvest. ________________________________________ Building Better Query Letters: A Blueprint for Success A great query letter is your key to unlocking the publishing world. Learn how to grab and keep an editor, publisher, or agent’s attention by giving your query S. A. L. E. S. appeal! Come with a query draft or specific project in mind to help turn theory into reality. ________________________________________ Building Better Articles: A Blueprint for Success Short, punchy, timely articles will get you on the expressway to Publishville and build your writing portfolio like nothing else. Learn journalist techniques that grab and keep reader attention and get your work into newspapers and magazines. ________________________________________ Building a Better Story: A Blueprint for Success Hooks, Bridges and Wraparounds aren’t construction terms, they’re techniques writers use to grab and keep reader attention. Learn practical tips and tools for building creative non-fiction from the ground up. ________________________________________ LifeStory Writing: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary From cave walls to computers, humans have been sharing the stories of their lives. Everyone has a LifeStory worth telling and it’s never too late or too early to tell it. Whether it’s a whole-life autobiography, or slice-of-life memoir, for family and friends or the publishing world, our lives take on greater meaning as we contribute to a legacy of history, heritage, and understanding. ________________________________________ From The Horse’s Mouth: Tips for Terrific Interviews Nothing generates more depth, texture, and insight into your topic than a successful interview. Build a toolkit of interviewing tips and techniques to help breathe life into your writing, whatever your genre. ________________________________________ Shameless Self Promotion: Public Reading for Writers Spoken Word events are the hottest trend in the writing world and nothing draws a following like a captivating author reading. You’ve written it, maybe even published it, and now it’s time for you and your work to shine. Turn stage-fright into stage-bright! ________________________________________ Courses Write On! – Level I From inspiration to publication this hands-on creative writing program will guide you through the writing process. Develop your writing skills through fun, interactive exercises plus receive supportive critique to help you become a better writer. A perfect course for people who are writing or always wanted to. Write On! – Level II Take your creative writing to the next level. Build on the foundation of writing, editing, critiquing and storytelling experienced in Level I. Continue to explore the wonderful world of writing in a fun and hands-on environment designed to bring out your best. The Creative Writing Restaurant Level 1 ~ Literary Lunch Enjoy a taste of writing delights from Inspirational appetizers to Structural salads, Plot pate to Character canapés, and the ever-popular Writing Skills Sandwich. Learn how to season and spice up bland writing to create delicious and nutritious word-meals to satisfy every taste. Level 2 ~ Divine Dinner After whetting your appetite with the Literary Lunch, expand your palate with a heartier version of our succulent writing skills. From Editing entrees to Marketing-fresh desserts, dine on the meat and potatoes of cooking up delicious writing. Sylvia Taylor Communications Writer, Editor, Educator, Consultant Business Communications Specialist Author: The Fisher Queen Director, Arts Council of Surrey 604-807-5358 www.sylviataylor.ca

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professional editing, coaching, consulting through all phases of the writing process from inspiration to publication * commissioned writing projects of all genres including ghost writing * business communications specialist * public speaking including keynotes * instructor & presenter * program developer * chief administrator including executive director

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