Submit Books

This is the form people can use to submit books to the FBCW Book Catalogue. Only members can submit, but they are welcome to use a pen name if applicable.
  • The title of the book you are submitting
  • This can be up to 8 words about your book
  • Book Blurbs are hand-crafted summaries of your book. The goal of a book blurb is to convince strangers that they need buy your book in 100 words or less. Answer the question "why would I want to read this book?"
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
    This is the front cover only, please!
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number
  • Please supply direct link to your book's buy page.
  • The About the Book section is a longer description of your book. This typically includes all the text from the back cover of the book plus, endorsements and any other promotional materials from interior flaps or initial pages. This is also a good place to embed a book trailer if you have one.
  • Members only, please. If you use a pen name, please put that first, and then the name your membership is under in brackets, We will not publish names submitted in brackets.

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