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Hi, writers!

Every week, I get emails from different organizations suggesting resources for our resource page. I rarely post them, because they’re often only marginally helpful, but some are great. The last time I added one, however, I realized just how out-of-date and jumbled this page is, so I’m planning to do an overhaul! To start, I’m putting a call out to other writers, to see what everyone else’s favorite resources are. Please comment here, or email your favorite resource (or three) to All suggestions are welcome! I’ll make a new blog post once I’ve seen everyone’s great ideas, and had a chance to overhaul the page.

My favorite resources?

These two newsletters, both which send me paid calls for submissions every week (no, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really find them useful!)
Authors Publish Magazine
Freedom with Writing

I look forward to hearing about yours!

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