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Access Copyright
Gives content users immediate, legal access to the copyright protected materials they need to copy from to get their jobs done, while ensuring that creators and publishers are fairly compensated when their works are copied.
April 2016 Update: Please refer to this report “What is Access Copyright to You” written by George Opacic

The preeminent internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge!

The British Columbia Digital Library
Collections of electronic texts (not individual titles) preserved through libraries, archives, museums, educational institutions, corporate & private initiatives.

BC BookWorld Author Database
Provides extensive reference information for books and authors pertaining to British Columbia, including an on-line archive of BC BookWorld

The British Columbia Digital Library
Collections of electronic texts (not individual titles) preserved through libraries, archives, museums, educational institutions, corporate & private initiatives.

Canadian Writers’ FoundationThe Canadian Writers’ Foundation, founded in 1931, is the only registered charity that provides continued financial assistance to approved notable senior Canadian writers in times of extreme financial distress.

CIP Program
Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) is a voluntary program of cooperation between publishers and libraries. It enables the cataloguing of books BEFORE they are published, and the prompt distribution of this cataloging information to booksellers and libraries

Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Information on copyright in Canada.

Free Screenwriter Templates for OpenOffice

OpenOffice is a free online word processing program; it uses the OpenDoc standard to make sure your work will always be accessible in the future but can save to MS Office formats or PDF.  These templates include screenplays, sitcom, theatre, radio, and more!  Using OpenOffice and one of these templates, saving your work to a USB stick/thumb drive, would make your writing especially portable.

Geoscience Reporting Guidelines
Book on writing and editing in the geosciences. Provides basics of scientific/technical reports, style suggestions, standards and guidelines. Focus on understanding the audience and identifying solid scientific reporting practices.

Microform Reading Room
From the Library of Congress, Microform Reading Room is especially useful for researchers and research centres. Includes: Policies and Services, The Collections, Bibliographies and Guides, a guide to the microform collections in the Humanities and Social Sciences Division of the Library of Congress.

National Library of Canada
The National Library houses the most comprehensive collection of Canadian books, periodicals, and sound recordings in the world. Its primary mandate is to promote Canadian heritage for present and future generations.

Public Lending Rights Commission
Providing payments to Canadian authors
for the presence of their books in public libraries

Public Libraries of British Columbia
Virtual Reference Desk, Public Library Services & BC Public Libraries Directory & more…

Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre
Writing and Publishing Program

The Writing and Publishing Program at Simon Fraser University’s Continuing Studies department offers non-credit certificates, courses, public lectures and events to those interested in the fields of writing, editing or publishing.

The University of Victoria’s Hypertext Writer’s Guide
An introduction to the process of writing and to the study of literature.

University of BC Rare Books and Special Collections
Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC), at the University of British Columbia Library, houses significant collections of rare books, archival materials, historic maps, photographs, broadsides and pamphlets.

The Writer’s Studio Guide to Publishing in Literary Magazines and Entering Contests
The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University has created this 51-page guide from tips collected by The Writer’s Studio alumni.

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