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The Author’s Guide to Book Promotions

The Author’s Guide to Book Promotions

Genre: Non-Fiction

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of promotion companies wanting to take your money to promote your book? Want a curated list of sites that is organized, categorized and explained?

Are book blog tours a great idea…or a waste of time and money? Discover how to harness the power of a blog tour to your advantage.

The Author’s Guide to Book Promotions demystifies Book Promotions and Book Blog Tours – two major methods of promoting a book. This book teaches how social media is consumed, helps you understand where your audience is and which set of companies to target to meet your promotional goals.

You will learn there is no easy button for promoting a book – but there are easy ways to cut through the “razzle-dazzle” and “technobabble” and form a clear, logical, actionable plan.

The Author’s Guide to Book Promotions will teach:
-Why networking is so important to author success
-How to evaluate a blog’s reach
-What is the goal of a book blog tour
-What to expect of a book blog tour
-How do book promotion companies spread the word about a book
-How do people consume social media content
-How to evaluate a promotion company

The Author’s Guide to Book Promotions combines clear, easy to follow information, listings of over 60 book blog tour companies and 190 book promotion sites, a glossary, an extensive list of helpful videos – everything an author needs to conquer the world of promotions.

Does the marketing aspect of being an author puzzle you? Learn how to transform your marketing efforts and reach more readers.

The Author’s Guide to Book Promotions is a primer that helps you think differently about book promotions and helps you take confident steps into the promotions world.

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The Crest

The Crest

The Crest tells the story of the Lange family, the men of whom serve their country through two world wars. Near the end of WWII, they flee their home in Silesia and relocate to Bavaria, where the threat of Russian aggression undermines their safety. It is dedicated to those folks forced to fight for what they believe in, to keep their family and their country safe. The Crest is Book I of The Prophecy saga, a story of war, prejudice, migration, crime, love, and heartbreak. Each story is intriguing and fast moving, written from the perspective of the people involved.

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