Science Fiction

Leaper: Down to Earth

Leaper: Down to Earth

Genre: Science Fiction

Keda is a member of a new generation – people born without needing to fear an oncoming apocalypse. By 2065, humanity has long since saved its home from a death wrought through consumption and progress. But it was not by humanity’s ingenuity that it and the planet were saved. It was by the chance discovery of the incinerator particle. Capable of destroying all of humanity's waste without leaving a trace, the particle was a godsend, and a mystery: no one can say just how it does what it does. But it works. That is, it works, so long as there are still people brave enough to collect it. We owe our survival to the sacrificial daredevils known as leapers.
These men and women live and fall from the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere – the only place where the particles can be found. Despite a statistical likelihood of mutilation and death, they make the leap for glory, money and the thrill of diving from the edge of space.
Young Keda dreams of becoming one of them – of finding a leaper crew and getting hired — and she’s willing to do anything to turn her dream into reality. But, when she finally learns the secrets behind the particles and the exhilarating profession she thought she knew, she and her crew will put their lives on the line to right a wrong they helped to create.

The first in the Leaper trilogy.

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