Across a Narrow Strait

Across a Narrow Strait

Genre: Literary

Life can change in the blink of an eye – a sister is born with disabilities, a plane crashes into a mountain, long-dormant cancer cells awaken. Is it chance—or destiny? Anna wonders. Then, nine months after her husband dies, she takes things into her own hands, leaves behind the sister she’s always felt responsible for, and moves to Kingfisher, a supposedly-tranquil island in the Salish Sea. On Kingfisher Anna meets Sam, a man-of-few-words who generally prefers birds to people. When he warns Anna against getting involved in a community controversy that’s threatening to explode, she scoffs. Then, wanting to support her teenage grandson and his Youth Against Ecocide friends, she’s drawn into a much bigger battle, one that takes her life in a direction she never could have predicted.

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