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    So I’ve just begun to drink coffee (because I write, and I need to stay awake in the mornings, and… well… coffee). And now I’m on the hunt for the really good stuff. A month or so ago I needed it to be mild, but now I prefer it darker and bolder. What’s your favorite?

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    Jill Talbot

    Anything with coffee in it.

    That said, my bro used to bring me coffee from Nelson. Oso Negro. Also they have have names that rather fit the poet. If you know someone going to Nelson!

    I am cheap, I buy whatever I can.

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    Fair enough. I’ll look up that Nelson one– someone else told me Kicking Horse was good, and it’s pretty tasty. It has dorky horse puns for all its names. Punny names are a close second to elegant poetic names, for me.

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    AJ Jones

    I agree. Any coffee is good for me. When I write, it’s usually in a 5-6 hour stretch (between cleaning the house, cooking for the wife and kids, walking the dog, I can usually do this 3-4 times a week). So for me, it’s anything I can get for my Keurig.

    I’ve always wanted to be a “coffee snob”, but I’ve never managed to commit the time or money for it.

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    I’ve realized I wish I had a Keurig. A couple months ago, I drank so infrequently that I liked making my coffee every day or so in a french press–now I wish it would just appear. Being an anything-snob is expensive, that’s for sure.

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    AJ Jones

    Oh, for sure! But so worth it!

    I’m a comic book snob, for example. A complete nerd. And yes, it’s been very expensive, but so worth it.

    However, I find it difficult to be a snob about food or drink. It’s a very fleeting experience.

    In short….Kuerig good. And worth every penny.

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