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    Hello, all! I would like to join a writers group in Nanaimo, BC, somewhere in Central Nanaimo (Between Country Club Mall and VIU). I did find a great one in North Nanaimo, but it’s a bit far for me to go–our little family shares a car, so I try to use it as little as possible.

    I write poetry and short fiction and enjoy prompt writing. I also would love to meet at a coffee shop, if possible, because I’m always looking for an excuse to have a cup.

    I’m also open to starting one if enough people are interested. Thanks!

    -Shaleeta Harper

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    Jill Talbot

    I was thinking the same thing. I was going to go to the group you refer to, but it would take me so long to get there and I am not great at being motivated in the morning. Let me know if you get one going!

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    Dale Jensen

    I’m south of VIU and new to participating in writing groups, but I would very much like to join! I don’t mind a drive and I love finding new coffee shops. 🙂

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    Great to hear! So that’s three, so far. We could meet close to the Gabriola ferry, maybe around 1-2pm, if that’s easier for you, Jill?

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    Jill Talbot

    Near the ferry works or elsewhere. I don’t mind catching a bus or walking. Travel time doesn’t bother me so much as getting up early!

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    Dale Jensen

    Sorry I missed the 12th’s message! Is there another meeting? May I join?

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    Jill Talbot

    You didn’t miss anything. We haven’t started yet…

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    Do you guys want to give this a go sometime soon? I’ll just throw a date/time/place out, feel free to make other suggestions, my schedule is open and I’m good with most places. The Buzz is my favorite place, and if it’s just us three it would work, but more and it gets tricky–it’s pretty loud when it’s busy.

    Monday, October 2, 2:30 pm, Mon Petite Choux (the quietest coffee shop I know of that isn’t tiny).

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    Jill Talbot

    Works for me! See you then.

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    See you, Jill! Hope you can make it, Dale.

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    Dale Jensen

    See you Monday!

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    See you guys in a couple of hours. 3 pm, Buzz Coffee House, right?

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    Dale Jensen

    Sorry Jill and Shaleeta,I cannot make it today. Next time?

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    Shaleeta Harper

    No problem! I’m here late, as usual. I may have missed* Jill? Either way, it’s across the road so no issues if it’s just me today. We’ll just plan something next week. 🙂

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    Hi there! Wondering if this group is open to new members…also, do you always meet during working hours? Have been looking for a group that meets on Saturday afternoons or Sundays. Downtown is perfect!


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    jacoba vB

    I am interested in joining too! Let me know if you are planning any coffee dates! Thanks!

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    Frankie Daw

    Let me know when and where you meet. I am interested in all aspects of writing, but even more so for a children’s writers group.


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    Elaine Lay

    I’m also interested in joining a writer’s group. I’ve dropped out of the Creative Writing program to pursue professional baking for financial reasons, but I don’t want to stop writing. It’s been pretty difficult writing on my own though.

    Are you still meeting up? I’m still in Nanaimo and would love to meet downtown whenever the group gets together.

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    Norma Gauld

    Are you still taking members? I live central, have a car, can turn up almost anywhere. I am a writer, and published my first fiction sci-fi book. Scared as heck….need fellow writers to chat with. If you still have room email me. Njgauld

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    I am alao interested in creative writing or memoir and would love to be part of the group.

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    lucy godwin

    Are you still going? Love to join a writing group as I am moving to Nanaimo and will have to leave my North Vancouver writing group. Please let me know and thanks. Lucy

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