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    AJ Jones

    I’ve just finished writing the first draft of my first book.

    After setting it aside and forgetting about it for a couple weeks, I’ve recently started the process of proof-reading and starting basic editing on my own.

    But my question is this: How much do ‘good’ editors cost, and what should time-frames look like for an editor to work on a book with 84,000 words, and minimal spelling errors?

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    jacoba vB

    Congratulations AJ!
    The only thing I can tell you that I checked the peavi.ca website once (for Vancouver Island editors) and listed my needs and several members contacted me to share their abilities and fees. I ended up contacting a Victoria editor two years ago and she edited maybe 20 pages for abut $100 or so. I was in a hurry at the time and she was encouraging! You may want to type in editors.ca and put an ad on their job posting listing. All the best with your search and please post if you have success in finding someone.

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