Missed a Sunday webinar? View the recording

  • 15 Dec 2021
  • 31 Dec 2022

Disappointed you missed Ev Bishop's popular webinar on marketing and promotion from a small town? Looking for editing tips from Darling Axe senior editors David Brown and Michelle Barker

You can still access one of our popular Sunday webinars if you did not get a chance to participate live. Recordings of all past webinars can be viewed here. You just need to create an account to access the Teachable platform. Recordings are accessible for the discounted rate of $12 (live webinars are $20). 

Webinars available include:

Rearranging Words - with Darling Axe senior editors Michelle Barker and David Brown

The Monster - errr, ART - of Marketing & Promotion from a Small Town - with author Ev Bishop

Understanding the Publishing Landscape in 2020 - with author Barb Drozdowich

5 Tips to Improve Your Confidence in a Social Media World - with author Barb Drozdowich

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