Call for Poetry Submissions

Hi Writers,

Hope you’re relaxing into the holiday season the with writing time in the mix. Lorene Shyba, the publisher at Durvile Publications and UpRoute Books in Alberta has reached out to the Federation of BC Writers in the hopes that some of the membership may be able to submit to Durvile Publications and UpRoute Books’ newest anthology, Vistas of the West: Poems and Visuals of Nature. The collection is a celebration of the natural west coast landscape of mountains, foothills, and natural creatures. While most of the contributions so far are from Albertans and a few Western US writers, they’re hoping to hear from some BC writers as well.

This is the official call for submissions:

Vistas of the West: Poems and Visuals of Nature is the third book in UpRoute’s Every River Poems series. Scheduled for publication in the fall of 2019, Vistas is a collection of poetry and visual art featuring the beauty of mountains, foothills, prairie landscapes, and their natural inhabitants. We will be delighted to consider your previously unpublished poems about topics of nature, wildlife, and the land. Submissions of family, and friendship themes are also welcome, as long as a connection to the natural environment is clearly implied. All styles of poetry will be considered. The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2019. More information is available at

Happy Holidays Everyone and Happy Writing!

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