Canada Council for the Arts Funding- Notes on Presentation

Canada Council for the Arts Presentation

New Funding Model

10 August 2016 – VPL

Fouad Matar,

Organized by Carol Shaben, The Writers Union,


Writers are able to access funding in two ways:

  • Indirect support – funding is given to literary organizations and collectives, along with publishers who may apply for promotion grants
  • Direct support – for “established” writers, “mid-career” writers, and “emerging” writers – the later may be eligible with one published book or 4 short fiction works of at least 10,000 words total, but the publisher must be a traditional publisher or a listed literary magazine (the CCA has a list of eligible magazines on its website)

Professional Canadian writers, and other artists, are eligible for grants if:

  • They have specialized training in the field (this does not have to be a degree in writing)
  • Are recognized as a professional writer by their peers
  • Have a history of public presentation

“Self-publishers are not accepted because the CCA has no leverage over them.” Traditional publishers can have their CAA funding stopped if their actions or procedures do not maintain a sufficiently high level.


Effective in 2017. Guidelines available in December, with application submissions after 1 April 2017.

Grants will be offered for “Explore and Create” projects, including:

  • Professional development
  • Research and creation
  • Concept to realization
  • Travel and residencies abroad

Applications may be discussed with Fouad prior to submission.

It is mandatory that the grant guidelines and assessment criteria are complied with.

There are 2 critical sections to the application:

  • 2-page project description or proposal
  • 15 to 25 (maximum!) writing sample – this does not have to be from any part of the project

Grant application may be made for any part of a project, such as initial research, writer’s editing (not professional editing), first draft, etc.

Success rate for project grants has been up to 20%, while travel grants have been 50 to 75%.

Applications will be peer-reviewed. There will be 700 creative writers from across Canada in the list of reviewers. They will include all genres and a mix of emerging to established writers.

Applications are being accepted for the role of reviewer.

Responses to applications will be:

  • For travel grants, within 3 months
  • For creative projects, with 5 months

Public Lending Right (PLR) Program

Annual payments are distributed to authors for payment as compensation for free public access to their books in libraries.

In 2015-16, the PLR distributed $9.75 million in payments to 17,169 authors.

Authors must register for their eligible works between 15 February to 1 May 2017.


CCA officers phone: 800-263-5588 ext 5060


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