The Emerald

The Emerald

Roma woman struggles to survive WWII

In 1939, a Roma family finds themselves in jeopardy. To avoid Hitler's round-up of undesirables, they must flee Germany. In Amsterdam, tragedy awaits. To survive, the youngest ekes out an unusual life in the Red Light District, where she fights to keep her family safe, and preserve her beliefs and ancient traditions.

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About the Book

In the fall of 1928, Nicolai Kota leads his caravan of nomads into the community of Liegnitz, in Southern Silesia, Germany. As in the past, they expected to display their talents at the annual fair. In a matter of days, the Kota family is forced to make a hard decision when nine-year-old Punita’s safety is compromised.

While the caravan resumes its cyclical tour throughout Europe, Punita remains in Liegnitz to live with Nicolai’s cousin, Alexi Puchinski, and attend school. When the caravan returns six years later, Punita’s schooling is complete, and she is a young woman in love.

Days later, the travellers find themselves in jeopardy, forced to dissolve the caravan, and flee for their safety. Nicolai takes Punita and his wife, Rosalee, to Schinawa, where he hopes to meet an old friend, Konstantin Anker, who will take them to Amsterdam. Before their plans are complete, Nicolai is caught in a round-up of undesirables, and Punita and Rosalee are forced to embark upon a sea voyage to Amsterdam without him.

In Amsterdam, Punita and her mother are welcomed by Konstantin’s family, but even there tragedy awaits, and Punita finds herself having to eke out an unusual life in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The Prophecy saga spans over 70 years, and is a story of war, prejudice, migration, crime, love, and heartbreak. Each story is an intriguing, fast moving, historical fiction written from the perspective of the people involved. The Emerald is dedicated to those folks who are forced to fight for what they believe in, to keep their family safe, and to hold onto traditions.

Together, The Crest, The Emerald and The Destiny tell of the challenges and changes that external forces place on everyday people who are forced to rise above their own expectations to meet family obligations and responsibilities, no matter how reluctant they may be to do so. They provide the reader with an opportunity to consider life from an alternate perspective.

The Emerald is the second book in The Prophecy saga written by Jerena Tobiasen. It is available on Amazon in print as well, ISBN 978-1-77347-035-5. Book I of The Prophecy saga – The Crest – is also available on Amazon:

Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN: 9781773740362
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