Raven’s Lament

Raven’s Lament

What if oral legends were actually real?

What if a native prince is trapped inside the Golden Spruce tree on Haida Gwaii. It's cut down, releasing the prince and the reason he's trapped inside, Raven. Raven wakes up, looks at the world it is today and didn't like it one bit.
How do you stop a God from changing the world? Especially when he's captured the woman Brook is in love with. You hire a Shaman, whackier than a hockey player's slap shot and nuttier than a squirrel's winter stash. "I'll get my lady back. we'll live happily ever after," Brook banged his head several times.
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About the Book

“Ravens Lament” starts with a startling event – the chopping down of a rare ‘Golden Spruce.’ A misguided environmentalist makes the ironically twisted point: people shouldn’t ever cut down trees (by cutting down a sacred tree)!

I enjoyed seeing “The Shaman” (‘Charlie’) and his niece, ‘Chelan’, appear in the author’s other novel: “Shaman’s Lure”. Next, he had to battle the Raven! Another character, a New York Times reporter (‘Brook Grant’) keeps the story action flowing, as he follows the trail of broken trees -all the way to Canada.

The Golden Spruce was hacked down, like an ordinary pawn, though it had entombed a Prince and a God (‘Raven’). The vicious act of chopping apart the Golden Spruce tree freed both (arch enemies for centuries). These two antagonists battled ferociously until the Raven prevailed. Then Raven Trickster caused mayhem, as he roamed among the unsuspecting people.

Aging, by the minute, after being ‘freed’, the Raven searched desperately for the ‘Rock of Eternal Life’: that was buried in the Golden Spruce with them for “eternity”. Brook, the reporter, found and kept the ‘all-important’ Rock. The Raven tried to trick Brook to give it away since rules didn’t allow him to take it!

Genres: Mystery, Paranormal
Publisher: BWL Publishing LTD.
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781771453691
List Price: 13.99
eBook Price: 2.99
Frank Talaber brings many of the disappearing Indian Myths to life that people in this modern age have forgotten. One of the myths explored in this book: tells us about the mighty 'Raven' who had once opened a giant clamshell, to birth the 'Haidas' Tribe. This action made Raven, first and foremost, the most powerful God in Haidas mythology. When Raven attempts to force the Haidas' people back to their primitive roots, they resist. Their "Raven God" goes berserk, and it takes 'all hands on deck' to battle him. I found the author's use of the words from the Haida language gives an authenticity to the book: showing his painstaking research. It was interesting to me, that a romance developed (with Chelan and Brook) amidst all the turmoil. I thought it was hilarious the way Charlie, the Shaman was described: he supposedly has God-like powers but suffers from 'lactose intolerance!' I was touched when I sensed the author's profound reverence for trees; especially when I read his descriptions of the 'sobbing trees' as they were axed down. This novel has the ring of an epic "Lord of the Rings" journey -this is one journey that I'll always remember!
– Stephanie Bridgeman
After being stranded twenty kilometers from the nearest road at the tip of Rose Spit, Haida Gwaii, and having to push Frank's spanking new SUV a few kilometers along the beach before the tide came in and we ran out of booze, my first reaction on being asked to write a back cover blurb was, “over my dead body." Some people will do anything to get an endorsement.
– Susan Musgrave PS (I tried.) Frank Talaber
Damn Frank -- this writing is as tactile as a 1955 T-Bird. Very nice descriptions, good dialogue, a thinking man's book but one that can be read entirely for pleasure. Good work.
– Michael Arkin/ Judicial Indiscretion
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