Quantum Events

Quantum Events

Suppose a neandertal popped in the gene pool. What would he think of human civilization, as he lives amongst us, pretending to be human?

What a pleasure to read this lovely jumble of poetry, stories and plays! While each one is wildly different from the next, yet they are all loosely linked and together they form a unique glimpse into the author’s life and perceptions. Some are raw, some are fresh, some are subtle, but each one dances across the page to speak its truth. This is a book about life. :Rachel McMillen,
Best-selling author of the Dan Connor Mystery series

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About the Book

Stories from the interstitial space between here and now.

Employing rich language and tight narratives, George has provided us with a collection that offers a unique, perhaps even at times other worldly, perspective. Utilising styles ranging from poetry to screen plays, and everything in between, these slice-of-of life tales are punctuated throughout with George’s dry sense of humour. As to be expected, he covers ground both philosophical and contemplative, offering up a smorgasbord of insightful and stories. People from elsewhere, snapshots of lives in passing, immigrants and aboriginals; the mosaic of Canada and life in Vancouver are all lightly interwoven throughout the collection. : James Harrold

Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Rutherford Press
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 198873925X
ISBN: 9781988739250
List Price: 23.69
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