What lies beneath those seemingly perfect lives?

Debbie Pierce has it all. The former Miss America lives an enviable life in Southern California with a modelling career, a doting husband, two kids and all the fashionable clothing money can buy. But somehow, it isn't enough. Image-obsessed Debbie is plagued by dissatisfaction, anxiety and an unquenchable desire for admiration. Her two children, neither beautiful nor charming, become petulant and resentful in the face of her ill-concealed disappointment, acting out in ways that have far-reaching consequences for the entire family.

Told from the perspectives of eleven interconnected characters, Plastic is a story of loneliness and longing, of alienation and acceptance and of the never-ending pursuit of the American Dream.

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About the Book

With Plastic, Margaret Gracie explores how hyper-capitalist values infiltrate our minds and dominate our bodies. The Sanderson family offers us a mirror, demonstrating the unfairness of expectations placed on mothers versus those placed on fathers, and the shallowness of our money- and beauty-obsessed culture. A potent, ambitious debut.
– Deborah Willis, author of The Dark and Other Love Stories

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780889844049
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