Like A Child To Home

Like A Child To Home

A dark vivid journey into Child Welfare

Like a Child to Home offers sharply-honed realistic insight into the world of social work on Canada’s West Coast. It is a clear, dispassionate portrayal of one professional, Wally Rose, his colleagues, his clients, his world. Wally tackles difficult cases with understated humour and compassion, while facing an internal investigation into his conduct after a complaint is made against him. 

As an unforgiving November unfolds, we enter the little known, barely understood world of lives lived on the fringes of conventional society and a few of the people who try to provide support despite a bureaucratic maze.

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About the Book

November on the Canadian West Coast; it’s often wet, miserable and dark. Lives get messy; streets are unsafe.

Wally Rose is a brooding, sporadically up-beat, old-time social worker. Carla Prentice is an overwhelmed, single mother of two teenagers, one who has lost his way, another who may be losing hers. The Prentice family, paralyzed by fear and silence, can barely keep a lid on their out-of-control lives.

Wally is juggling a convoluted caseload of youth, each coping with more than their fair share of adolescent struggles, the taxing muddle of leftover family distress, and a baffling child welfare system they are submerged in. An old file comes back to bedevil Wally. A habitual line-crosser, he may have pushed his luck one too many times.

Wally has been “nurturing” kids and fellow workers for decades. He has little patience for red tape and is a thorn in the side of his employer. He is also running out of gas. He hopes he can fill his tank one more time, not only to save himself, and those he cares for, from a capricious system, but also to draw his career to a close on his own terms.

Genre: Literary
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Year: 2013
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Length: 248 pages
ISBN: 9781460219287
List Price: $28.03
eBook Price: $4.99
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