Hamlet the Novel

Hamlet the Novel

...a tale of ambition, lust, conspiracy, murder and revenge.

A well-crafted adaptation that offers readers richly developed, relatable characters.
-Kirkus Reviews

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About the Book

When Norwegian warrior Prince Fortinbras enters Elsinore, the capital of 16th c. Denmark, he finds not a stable kingdom but a scene of bloody carnage–including the murder of the entire Danish royal family.

Assuming the throne of Denmark, Fortinbras tasks Prince Hamlet’s trusted friend Horatio with explaining the events that led to the chaos. Loyal to his friend and nation, Horatio accepts the duty, determined to record the truth. What follows is a tale of ambition, lust, murder, and revenge. in response to the death of his father, Hamlet begins a desperate search for justice, hampered by the hazards of a seemingly relentless and tragic fate and the threat of his own madness.

Using contemporary language, this retelling of the classic Shakespearean play explores a timeless story of power, politics, and personal crisis in which love, courage, faith, and friendship are tested to their limits.

Genre: Historical Fiction
ASIN: 1483428672
ISBN: 97814834228673
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