Footsteps to Freedom: Tales of Therapy in Rural India

Footsteps to Freedom: Tales of Therapy in Rural India

Poetic, honest and straight from the heart.

This book explores how a volunteer physiotherapist from the British Columbia Interior turns adversity into advantage when she conquers her fears of the unknown and leaves home to immerse herself in work with the differently abled in rural South India, leading to life-changing experiences. This journey describes how children with polio progress from crawling in their village through rehabilitation and education to become adults leading productive lives. See life through the eyes of these children and follow their footsteps through these pages as you travel from Canada to rural India with interludes in England.

About the Book

Hilary Crowley is a physiotherapist living in Summit Lake, north of Prince George, British Columbia. She took a leave of absence from the Prince George Hospital in 1994 to help train a team of local disability workers in rural South India. This experience opened up more opportunities for overseas development work, which she embraced, travelling to Bhutan, Tibet and Ladakh. Hilary continues to volunteer her time in India. FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM documents her 25 years of involvement with Samuha in India. She has also become involved in enhancing services to Indigenous communities in rural Canada. Hilary has founded a charity, SODA, in Prince George to support Samuha’s work in India. Proceeds from this book will go to support Samuha’s disability program in India.

This book can be ordered by emailing Hilary at or it is available at Books & Co in Prince George, BC.

Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781999056209
List Price: $25.00
"I loved reading this book and was hooked from the first page. Beautifully written! A rich blend of the exotic, the new and the unexpected interwoven with the northern rural routines of home. Portrayed experiences are interesting, very engaging and flow well. Poetic, honest and straight from the heart. Richly described scenes are so evocative and resonant that they make the reader feel that they are right there, sharing the experience, and feeling the transformations over time. Comparisons and contrasts are strikingly vivid, well balanced, refreshingly non-judgmental, and seasoned from time to time with a touch of humor. I loved the chapter titles with quotations that hinted to the coming content. An intensely personal journey of travel, bravery, generosity, ingenuity, professional dedication and transformation; the inspiring story of one physio to “Never miss an opportunity” to make the world a better place."
– Judy Lett, BScN, MSc, RN (retired)
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