Dromomania: A Wonderful Magical Journey

Dromomania: A Wonderful Magical Journey

The remarkable travels of a modern nomad.

Dromomania - the compulsive urge to wander, defines bestselling author Bill Arnott. Join Bill in this musical memoir as travels the world - a journey of personal discovery and outrageous humour. From the time he floated over a desert and sank beneath an ocean, swam unexpectedly with sharks in the Pacific and a serpent in the Tasman Sea, to his time running with Samoan gangsters, dodging storm troopers in London, avoiding an arms dealer in Spain, sailing a cutter from a North Atlantic hurricane, being poisoned in China, and showering Tuscan lovers with Chianti he'd already drunk. Travel Lit will never be the same!

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About the Book

“Dromomania is marvelous!” – Evelyn Lau, award-winning author of Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid.

“It is comedic gold! Prepare yourself for a journey like no other.” – Mala Rupnarain, award-winning poet.

“A keen eye, an attuned ear, and a sophisticated pen are all at work in this quest to enjoy the ride while searching for the meaning of life.” – The Canadian Authors Association.

… Rays of setting sun played warmly through ponderosa, blue spruce and maple, leaves blushing as the season changed. The trees stood in tidy tiered rows like auditorium seating beneath indigo sky scuffed with white – a curtain above the theatre.

I was sitting on a wooden deck, overlooking the rural edge of a small town where I grew up. Red-winged blackbirds sang nostalgic two-note songs, rewinding cognitive film like old movie scenes through a greased lens – images from the past, blurred slightly around the edges. The simple musical score stoked recollections of travel and discovery, melding memories like the softening evening sky.

Another burst of chromatic birdsong. “Take your seats,” it rang. The show was about to begin …

Genre: Creative Non-Fiction
ISBN: 9781077980600
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