Cherished Secrets

Cherished Secrets

Lies; Deception; Devious Killer; Secret Child; Romantic Suspense

Twelve years ago, sixteen-year old Carrie Ann Hetherington, pregnant with the child of a murder suspect, fled the small town of Cooper’s Ridge for the anonymity of Seattle. Now, faced with a family dilemma, she must risk her carefully reinvented life and return to her childhood home.

Eighteen-year-old Declan McAllister’s prom date is found beaten and strangled to death, and he becomes the prime suspect accused of the grisly crime. Now this successful Dallas businessman returns to Cooper’s Ridge to find the true murderer and finally lift the cloak of suspicion he’s faced all these years. In his quest to prove his innocence, he must join forces with the woman who shattered his heart to find a devious killer who will stop at nothing to protect a shocking truth.

Caught up in a menacing web of secrets, deception and danger, they struggle to overcome past betrayals and present danger. Can they tear down the barriers they’ve erected around their hearts and rediscover true love?

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About the Book
A small fragment of cloth lay atop her purse, the vibrant colors glowing in the merger, late afternoon light. With a shaking hand, she picked up the cloth. The smooth silk slid between her fingers. Mesmerized, she studied the scrap of torn fabric.
The air in the car was suddenly too thick to breathe. Fingers shaking, she turned the cloth over and jammed her fist in her mouth stifling a scream. Written across the silk in thick, black letters was a single, condemning word. Guilty.
She dropped the cloth as if it burned and gulped air. While she’d been traipsing around the forest looking for where the killer had dumped Skye’s body, someone had been inside her car and left this piece of Skye’s scarf for her to find. The same person could still be here, watching her, waiting.
Her hand shook so much she dropped the keys on the floor twice before finally fitting them in the ignition and starting the car. The engine choked, sputtered, and died.

What critics are saying about Cherished Secrets:
“I love this book! This is a true suspense that holds the readers’ attention from first to last page.” (Rae’s Blog & Reviews)
“Ms. Clark has created a fabulous romantic suspense story that is full of action, drama, and romance.” (Amazon reviewer)

Genre: Romantic suspense
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781509210466
List Price: 16.99
eBook Price: 5.98
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