Across a Narrow Strait

Across a Narrow Strait

Life can change in the blink of an eye. When Anna moves to Kingfisher, her life takes a direction she never could have predicted.

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About the Book

Life can change in the blink of an eye – a sister is born with disabilities, a plane crashes into a mountain, long-dormant cancer cells awaken. Is it chance—or destiny? Anna wonders. Then, nine months after her husband dies, she takes things into her own hands, leaves behind the sister she’s always felt responsible for, and moves to Kingfisher, a supposedly-tranquil island in the Salish Sea. On Kingfisher Anna meets Sam, a man-of-few-words who generally prefers birds to people. When he warns Anna against getting involved in a community controversy that’s threatening to explode, she scoffs. Then, wanting to support her teenage grandson and his Youth Against Ecocide friends, she’s drawn into a much bigger battle, one that takes her life in a direction she never could have predicted.

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Isle of the Arts Publishing (self-published)
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: 331 pages
ASIN: 0986745316
ISBN: 9780986745317
List Price: $16.95
eBook Price: $6.99
"This is a delightful story, beautifully crafted. In much the same way that Anne Tyler has captivated millions of readers over so many years, Sharon McInnes’ heart-warming tale of the ordinary lives of ordinary people shows that no-one is really ordinary and everyone’s life is entirely their own, in big and small ways that create pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow and a multitude of other emotions that make our so-called ‘ordinary’ lives unique. The human frailties which complicate our relationships with family and friends is clearly on display here and I was surprised at how the author’s honest re-counting of things not said or done that should have been, and things said and done that should not, often brought an unexpected up-swell of emotion that reminded me that I was still very much alive and had a heart."
– P.R.
"The book is set primarily on a fictitious Gulf Island off the BC coast and explores a few years in the life of Anna, a widow who moves there. The characters are beautifully constructed, the events very life-like, and the challenges both familiar and complex. The changes Anna undergoes in her new location are beautifully described and moving. A fast read, yet thoughtful and filled with unexpected turns. I loved this book."
– G.P.
"After the death of her husband, Anna suddenly moves to a small island in the 'Salish Sea'. She may be alone but she brings her complicated relationships with her family and friends in Vancouver with her and finds that her new island friends aren't any easier. Each character in this book is unique -- no stereotypes here! -- and every relationship rings true. The changes that Anna goes through and the insights she gains along the way make this book a real page turner. I really liked it!"
– P.M.
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