Books Alive

The Books Alive Brown Bag Publishing Fair is coming to the Vancouver Public Library this Saturday, February 23, from noon until 3 PM. It’s your free opportunity to interact one on one with authors, editors, designers, distributors and representatives from the publishing industry, including Eileen Cook and Crystal Stranaghan from The Creative Academy, Senior Editor Lara Kordic from Heritage House, Kyle Hawke from Three Ocean Press, Amanda Lewis from Page Two Strategies, Jesse Marchand from Editors BC, Ursula Vaira Editing & Design Services, Author Betsy Warland from Manuscript Intensive, Richard Ofalson from Ekstasis Editions, Jacqueline Carmichael from Cathedral Grove Press, Self-Publishing Expert Author Barb Drozdowich and Bee Kapitan from Interactive Bee Media, among others. There will also be a raffle to win books from SFU Publishing, a signed copy of a novel from award-winning Author Eileen Cook and other gems.

The formal portion of the afternoon will begin with presentations from Jamie Broadhurst of Raincoast Books, Amanda Lewis from Page Two Strategies, Paul Whitney the former Chief Librarian of Vancouver, Author Barb Drozdowich on strategies for self-publishing and Author
Betsy Warland on her experiences with both traditional publishers and self-publishing, followed by a panel discussion on publishing.

Hope to see lots of Fed writers!

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