How to Layer Your Narrative Details

Fiction Workshop

Description – Immerse readers in your fiction or non-fiction with details crafted along three story layers: the surface; the subtext layer; and the overarching layer, where the theme resides. This approach adds texture and depth to any story. The first half of this workshop will focus on descriptive passages. The second half will focus on the secret to dynamic scenes. As the building block of stories, scenes must not only brim with narrative energy but must also propel the story forward with its details. Learn a simple, powerful way to instantly make your scenes more dynamic and organic to your story.

PresenterJennifer Manuel

Venue – Dodds Narrows A, Vancouver Island Conference Center, 80 Commercial St, Nanaimo

Date & Time – Sunday May 5th 10:30AM – 12:30PM

Cost – $37 Members $47 Non-Members

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