The Poetry of Writing

DESCRIPTION: Join Joanna Streetly for this look at how the practice of poetry can improve your writing. As a starting point, participants will explore what makes poetry stand apart from prose. Exercises will then look at ways to approach material, the constraints of form, and how the “poetic twist” can make writing interesting.

“Range is an invaluable skill for the prose writer. Being able to write in a variety of styles and voices makes you versatile and attractive to readers,” Joanna says. “The practise of poetry breaks the prose writer out of stagnancy and limitation. If you’ve established your voice and style, maybe it’s time to explore new voices and new styles.” 

PresenterJoanna Streetly

Venue – St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 100 Chapel St, Nanaimo

Date & Time – Friday May 3rd 10:30AM – noon

Cost – $30 Members $40 Non-Members

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