The Deeper Loam

Creative Non-Fiction Workshop

DESCRIPTION: With responsibilities to self, truth and compelling storytelling, how do writers of Creative Non-Fiction balance the demands of Place, the Imagination, and effective Literary Citizenship in uncertain times?  Author, scholar and film-maker Trevor Carolan will present and lead a Q & A discussion addressing : 

* writing from the margins, working from the mainstream, finding our own niche; 

* the enduring relevance of literary tradition and mythology;

* how the socially-engaged writer can help shape a new vision of what community can be; 

* can cultural responsibility become a burden for the writer? 

* on Writing Well – some Narrative basics;

* How do we know when Our Writing Is Good Enough?

* Aesthetic Mindfulness, catharsis, spirituality & the Creative Process;

* the Importance of Place, Dialogue, Motivation; 

 * hybrid genre issues: where is The New Generation Reader Leading Us?  

Trevor will share specific techniques for improving, thickening up narrative depth, and strengthening the creative elements of your writing practice.

Presenter – Trevor Carolan

VenueMoved to Dodds Narrows Room B, Vancouver Island Conference Centre, 80 Commercial St., Nanaimo

Date & Time – Saturday May 4th 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Cost – $37 Members $47 Non-Members

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