DECRIPTION: Renowned Canadian poet Lorna Crozier will present the powerful statement on Risk and Writing she first gave as the Ralph Gustafson Lecturer at Vancouver Island University in 2018.  She describes it like this:  “When I asked the brilliant John Newlove, why he trembled when he was giving a reading, he told me that he feared someone shouting from the back of the room, ‘What right do you have to be up there instead of me?’ That’s one of the biggest risks that we as writers take—assuming that we have some kind of permission to tell our stories to strangers and that those strangers will want to listen. As John feared things can go terribly wrong. And then there are the other risks: among them, the revelation of who you really are, for no matter how much the poems are riddled with fiction, the character of the speaker comes through. How much do I dare to say? How much of a story does anyone have the right to tell? Who is at risk of getting hurt by my words when they appear in print?”

Presenter Lorna Crozier

Venue – Dodd Narrows A, Vancouver Island Conference Center, 80 Commercial St, Nanaimo

Date & Time – Friday May 3rd 2:15PM – 3:15PM

Cost – Free

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