Make Your Poems Sing!

Poetry Workshop

DESCRIPTION: Poetry is as ancient and as universal as song, and poets continually strive to refine poems, make them more dynamic, more intense, more expressive.  In fact, more musical. 

In this 2 ½ hour workshop, we will look at poems—our own and those of others—to understand how the construction of the line determines the pace, meaning and impact of a poem. We will examine the power and cadence of line breaks (end-stops and enjambment) and sound effects (rhythm and repetition, consonance and assonance, alliteration and slant rhyme).

Please come with your favourite writing materials, prepared to write!

Literacy Central Vancouver Island has donated space for this workshop. Please return the kindness by bringing any used books you no longer want as a donation.

Presenter Wendy Donawa

Venue – Literacy Central Vancouver Island, 19 Commercial St, Nanaimo

Date & Time – Sunday May 5th 11AM – 2PM

Cost – Free

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