Lenore Hietkamp

I am an editor, book designer, and creator of ebooks. I specialize in information technology, art history, and architectural history–and mystery novels, just to add some spice to my roster. I love it when a subject-area specialty and all my skills come together in one project, particularly ones that I nurse from beginning to end (for both self-publishing clients and publishers). I bring passion, wisdom, and patience to my work. I have an MA in art history and pursued a PhD for seven years at the University of Washington (Seattle), specializing in architectural history. I edit for academic and trade publishers (University of Washington Press, Royal Ontario Museum, Danish Architectural Press, Touchwood Editions, Heritage House Publishing) on complex academic publications, often books on art, architecture, and the humanities, trade nonfiction—and mysteries! For two years (2016–2018) I worked in-house at Heritage House Publishing, first as an editor and then as the editorial coordinator, so I understand the entire publishing process. In 2018, I was shortlisted for the editorial award from Editors Canada for the editing and production of The Embodied Violinist, by Gwen Thompson-Robinow. Read more about me: 

Website: http://www.HeatherfieldEditing.com

Member profile:  Editors Canada

Member profile: Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island

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