Finding Your Voice – A Morning Writing Workout with Keith Liggett

DESCRIPTION: The blank page chases many a writer away. Like a journey of many miles, you start with one step. In the case of writing, you start with one word. And another. And another, until you have a string. And another string. Eventually, you have a story. Wow.

In Finding Your Voice, Keith takes materials from other writers to demonstrate the development of voice and character. Then he tosses it all off the cliff and says, “Don’t follow them. Make your own way.”

The workshop allows the writer to experiment and delve into new material in a supportive and encouraging environment. The workshop is a multi-day workshop to allow the writers to develop a piece over several passes in front of the group.

Leader – Keith Liggett

Date & Time – Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8AM – 9AM

Venue: Piper’s Lagoon Room, Vancouver Island Conference Center, 101 Gordon St, Nanaimo

Cost – $59 Members $73 Non-Members

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