Federation of BC Writers’ Spring Writes Festival

The annual BC Writer’s Spring Writes Festival is being held in Nanaimo, BC this year. We welcome members as well as non-members to take part in our program. Some of the events are free, some are paid, but all the venues have space considerations, so registration is required for all events.

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11:00AM-3:00PM        Letting the Poem Write Itself with Susan Stenson

2:00PM-4:00PM          Beyond Google: Research Strategies for Fiction and Nonfiction with Lois Peterson


8:00AM-9:30AM Finding Your Voice-A Morning Writing Workout with Keith Liggett

10:30AM-12:00PM Write In

10:30AM-3:30PM Blue Pencils

10:30AM-12:00PM Writing Literary Fiction:  What It Means and How To Get There with Bill Stenson

10:30AM-12:00PM The Poetry of Writing with Joanna Streetly

10:30AM-11:30PM Writing with a Forked Tongue with Jan Drabek

10:30AM-12:00PM Writing from the Body with Carine De Kock

12:00PM-12:45PM Brown Bag Poetry Reading with Wendy Donawa

1:00PM-2:00PM Reading with Kathy Page

2:15PM-3:15PM Reading with Lorna Crozier

2:30PM-5:00PM  Tips and Tricks to Writing Fantasy with Jo-Anne McLean

3:30PM-5:00PM Story Telling with Rachel McMillen

3:30PM-5:00PM Writing to Right: Can Your Words Change the World? with Mark-Leiren Young

4:00PM-6:00PM Meet & Greet

8:00PM-10:00PM Featured Readings: Where Will My Words Take Me?     


8:00AM-9:30AM Morning Writing Workout with Keith Liggett         

9:00AM-10:30AM Negotiating Your Contract with Warren Sheffer

10:30AM-12:00PM Write In   

10:30AM-3:30PM Blue Pencil Sessions

10:30AM-3:30PM Publishing Trade Fair

10:45AM-12:15PM Publishing Panel – How/Why to Publish Your Book       

10:30AM-12:00PM The Language of Poetry: Drinking from the Source with Derek Hanesbury

10:30AM-12:00PM Making Scenes: the Building Blocks of Fiction with Judy LeBlanc   

12:30PM-3:30PM Box Lunch and Exhibits

2:00PM-3:30PM Exploring the Places You’ve Been with Yvonne Blomer

2:00PM-3:30PM Cut to the Chase – The Art of Brevity – a Flash Fiction Workshop with M.A.C Farrant

2:00PM-3:30PM Writing About Our Culture with Carleigh Baker

2:00PM-3:30PM Manuscript Consulting Workshop with Betsy Warland

2:00PM-3:30PM The Deeper Loam: A Creative Non-Fiction Workshop with Trevor Carolan

2:00PM-4:00PM Myths about editing: Why isn’t my editor perfect, and do I really need one? Editing Presentation with Lenore Hietkamp      

2:00PM – 4:00PM Young Writers get together

4:30PM-6:00PM Federation of BC Writers Annual General Meeting

8:00PM-10:00PM FBCW Open Mic Reading


8:00AM-9:30AM Morning Writing Workout with Keith Liggett

10:30AM-12:30PM How to Layer Your Narrative Details – A Fiction Workshop with Jennifer Manuel 

11:00AM—2:00PM Make Your Poems Sing – A Poetry Workshop with Wendy Donawa

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