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NO DOG BARKED: Who Killed the MacLauchlans?

NO DOG BARKED: Who Killed the MacLauchlans?

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Genre: True Crime
Graduating a 1919 McGill Medical School prize winner was the most worthy thing Robert Henry MacLauchlan ever did. The greatest tragedy he ever initiated was when he seduced and misled Margaret Ann Cunningham, a modest teacher from New Westminster’s Woodlands School for the Handicapped.

Shock rippled through the city: first near Christmas 1965 when they were arrested for heroin smuggling. Secondly, on March 21, 1966 in their 5th Street bungalow, when both were executed Mafia style – shot in the face by the nostril and then in the stomach. Newspapers speculated the underworld had silenced them just before the upcoming trial.

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