Bill Engleson

Confessions of An Inadvertently Gentrifying Soul

Confessions of An Inadvertently Gentrifying Soul

$23.95eBook: 4.99 USD
Genre: Non-Fiction

Hilarity runs rampant throughout this book as the author pontificates on porta-potties, turnips and tiny pants (read: shorts), the perils of volunteerism, country etiquette, small-town secret societies and community discourse. And sprinkled generously throughout, are quotes that run the gamut from Brigitte Bardot to Voltaire. You’ll even see one from his alter ego, Rural Roberts.
The bite-size essays in CIGS are perfect for ferry rides, nightcaps and workday commutes. And if relocating to a small town is something you’ve dreamed of, pack your shovel, because, to quote the man himself, “Caca occurs!”

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