I am the Executive Director of the FBCW.

The International Authors Forum

Around the world, despite their contribution to the rich diversity of culture,  authors face a variety of challenges that can often, unfortunately, lead to the work of the creators not being fully rewarded.  To this end, the IAF was formed by a collaboration of author’s organizations in 2013 to ensure…

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Resources for finding writing jobs

Hi, writers! Every week, I get emails from different organizations suggesting resources for our resource page. I rarely post them, because they’re often only marginally helpful, but some are great. The last time I added one, however, I realized just how out-of-date and jumbled this page is, so I’m planning to do…

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St. Eugene Writers Conference, coming soon

The St. Eugene Writers Conference Celebrate the Craft November 9-13, 2017 The FBCW is assisting this year with the St. Eugene Writers Conference. We’re mostly assisting with the promotional aspects, but I look forward to seeing some of you there in a couple of months! Read the media release below…

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