April 14, 2018 AGM Information

Please click links to download information here:

Proxy Form


AGM Kit – This is a 36 page PDF with all information available at AGM

Nominations for directors (so far). For biographies, please refer to the links below.

  1.  Jacqueline Carmichael
  2. Ann Graham Walker
  3. Craig Spence (coming soon)
  4. Alexander Boldizar
  5. Cynthia Sharp
  6. Keith Liggett
  7. Luanne Armstrong
  8. Emily Olsen
  9. Janice Meeks
  10. Doni Eve

The following directors have one year remaining in their terms, and do not need to be nominated:

  1. Norma Kerby
  2. Chris Hancock Donaldson
  3. Barb Drozdowhich

Financial Report

There are no bylaw changes being put forward. The Federation of BC Writers fully transitioned to the new Societies Act at its April 28, 2017, AGM.

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