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I have thirty years of experience in writing, editing, and publishing. I honed my writing and editing skills by pursuing and completing my BA in 1997.

My passion and specialty are editing academic papers and book manuscripts.

My business service centers on helping you to enhance your academic papers through quality, clear, concise & accurate copy; saving you time to pursue your passion and primary professional goals.

Linda Wall self-published her first collection of poetry called The Dance of Intimacy: love, loss and longing through poetry in 2007, and has just issued a 2nd printing in July 2019.

She is in the process of putting together another collection of poetry to self-publish in the near future.

Linda Wall, BA (psych) has been a writer since she first was given a pencil and paper as a young child. Poetry is the most natural form of expression for her. Linda is an experienced and self-published author. Her creative writing centers on the human condition – life experiences – nature, and spirituality.

Linda’s Values

Linda’s number one priority in her life is making a difference in the world by using her editorial abilities to help her clients create a polished product for presentation.

Ms. Wall offers her editorial skills to create quality, clear, concise & accurate copy for your undergraduate, Master’s or Doctoral assignments; saving you time to pursue your passion and primary professional goals.

Linda’s Mission

Linda’s mission is to:

Help you to enhance your business or professional image through quality, clear, concise & accurate copy;

Help you save time to pursue your passion and primary professional goals.

Linda is a freelance writer, editor, publisher and independent researcher. Ms. Wall operates International Writing Services and Write Words Writing Services. She creates and runs several websites:


Write Words Writing Services

Linda Wall – poet

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